Might Pope Benedict XVI Resign?

Pope Benedict XVI


The following was part of the announcements in LCG services yesterday:

Will Pope Benedict XVI Resign? The Pope will turn 85 this month. His health issues and comments he has made in the past have some expecting his resignation. In early March, two different reports appeared in Italian newspapers (Il Foglio, March 10; and Libero, March 11), “…advancing the hypothesis that Benedict XVI might resign, in part for the sake of influencing the choice of his successor.” Proponents of the idea that the Pope might resign refer to comments he made in 2010 and to comments he made before becoming pope, that, “If a pope clearly realizes that he is no longer physically, psychologically, and spiritually capable of carrying out the duties of his office, then he has the right, and in some circumstances the obligation, to resign.” Opponents of the idea cite a lack of preceden t, and also the “crisis in faith” that having an acting Pope and a “retired Pope” (both considered the “Vicar of Christ”), would create in the church (VaticanInsider.LaStampa.it, September 25, 2011; chiesa.espresso.repubblica.it, March 16, 2012). It has been said, “Leaders think in terms of years or decades, while popes think in terms of centuries.” The Vatican has long been influential in international politics and the papacy has been an important part of the enterprise. Bible prophecy reveals that a “world church” will play a major role in the formation and backing of the end-time European Beast power (see Revelation 17). Whether the current Pope resigns or not remains to be seen. However, we can rest assured that this intelligent Pope has carefully thought through the implications and impact of any decision he will make.

Possibly because of how he saw the ailing Pope John-Paul II handle his last years, the current pontiff does not feel that an overly aging pope is sufficiently effective.

There are Catholic prophecies that tell of a time that there is an aging pope who may have to flee to Germany.  If this is going to be fulfilled, it is possible that the current pope, who is German will fulfill that.  Perhaps it should be mentioned according to Catholic prophecy, only one pope is remaining and according to other Catholic prophecy, this final pope could become an antipope and be the final Antichrist.  This is discussed in my book 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect, where I also state that I do not believe that Pope Benedict will be the antipope, final Antichrist.

Pope Benedict XVI was in the news today:

Pope calls for end to Syria bloodshed

CNN – 8 April 2012

(CNN) — Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday called for an end to violence in Syria, as well as a renewed peace effort in the Middle East…”Particularly in Syria, may there be an end to bloodshed and an immediate commitment to the path of respect, dialogue and reconciliation, as called for by the international community, he said.

The Vatican  has long had interest in the Middle East and would seem destined to support what appears to be a prophesied European confirmed peace  deal mentioned in Daniel 9:27 (cf. Daniel 8:25, KJV).  We are likely to see more violence in the Middle East before a substantive peace deal is agreed to for a time.

Although he makes various public statements, the goal of this pope seems to be to improve ties with the Eastern Orthodox (and others where possible), but this (though it also is part of Catholic prophecy) is dangerous from a biblical perspective.  Whether or not he resigns or accomplishes this prior to the end of his pontificate remains to be seen.

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