Living University Up and Operating

Michael P. Germano, Ed.D., J.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of Living University (LU), sent the following update on LU:

  1. The university records enrollments and reports them on our IPEDS census date each semester. This occurs at the 10% point of the semester. As of that date we exceeded our strategic long-range plan objective of 36 FTE (full-time equivalent students) with 45.4 FTE. We have 163 students (117 men and 46 women) from 18 nations.
  2. The IT department has been refining our e-learning software to make it as user-friendly as feasible. In any undertaking of this magnitude there is a beta (shake down) period. We have experienced some challenges but have successfully navigated through them and the software is working smoothly.
  3. Our LU Catalog for 2008-2009 is at the printer. Our plan is to send a souvenir copy of this first catalog to each LCG household sometime after the Feast of Tabernacles.
  4. Students have enrolled for all six of our academic programs and we are now in the process of planning the fall 2008 and spring 2009 schedules of classes and recruiting and selecting faculty for courses.
  5. We are in process of preparing formal documents in regard to licensure and accreditation. Readers should take note that in the USA no new college or university ever opens as an bonafide accredited institution. New colleges and universities have to observe required waiting periods and often have to graduate their first class. At LU we have taken the necessary steps to meet the accreditation schedules and deadlines of the two U.S. government-recognized accreditation agencies to which we will make application. 

All in all there has been a successful launch of the University.

Comments by COGwriter:

I appreciated receiving that update, and thought that readers of this site would like to see what is going on with Living University.

More information on LU and its programs is available by accessing its website which is linked here: Living University

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