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Living University announced that registration is open NOW for the Fall of 2008:

Below is the tentative 2008 fall schedule of classes. WC = Web Centered Course Delivery. SCH = Semester Credit Hours.

Registration [August 11-12] Late Registration (Add/Drop) [August 13-15]

Online Registration Instructions for All New Students Online Registration Instructions for All Returning Students

Click here for a PDF copy of the 2008 Fall Schedule of Classes

In its latest update, LCG announced:

Living University fall semester classes begin on Wednesday (August 13). At LU you can experience learning the way it was meant to be: enjoyable, meaningful, productive, fast and convenient. Take classes that fit your schedule. Registration is this coming Monday and Tuesday (August 11 and 12). Late Registration is Thursday through Friday. There is a charge for late registration, so please register right away. No registrations can be accepted after Friday.

Here is some good news: Online Orientation is now available on the university’s website. We encourage all new and returning students to participate in this online orientation program. It should take you about fifteen minutes. If you are a student, a person thinking about enrolling at LU, or one simply interested in learning more about the university, do not miss this online presentation. Visit the university website at and select “Online Orientation.”

Also, please note that due to a website issue beyond our control, some of the applications for admissions to Living University may have been lost.  If you have not heard from the admissions office, please resubmit your application.  Registrations for specific classes have not been affected.

Living University is affiliated with the Living Church of God.

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