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Living University sent out the following:

Monday, August 17, begins the fall semester of Living University’s third year. I am writing to all our currently enrolled students and those who have registered in the e-learning system but are not necessarily taking LU courses, to bring you up-to-date on the growth, plans, and opportunities at Living University.

We begin the year with our first on-site class at Charlotte. On Thursday we have Orientation for New Students where they will hear from Dr. Meredith, Mr. Ames, and Drs. Winnail. That evening Dr. and Mrs. Scott Winnail are hosting a faculty reception at their home where students will meet the faculty and their wives.  While our goal is an entering class of four students this fall we plan to expand that to ten for our next academic year. We understand that five students will be enrolled as full-time students in Adelaide, Australia, as the Australian Office staff begins a third year of hosting LU online students. Truly, these young people in the USA and Australia are pioneers and have put their hand at building God’s very own university. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers…

If you would like to discuss courses, plan a program of study, or seek information about the university and its programs please contact Dr. Scott Winnail. He is available at 7604 844-1966 Extension 304 or by email at

Regents Approve Offering AA Degree

This week the Living University Board of Regents authorized the offering of the Associate of Arts degree at Living University. This authorization permits the administration to file an application for a license to offer the AA degree with the State of North Carolina authorizing agency. The university plans to file the application in December and anticipates an onsite visit by NC officials in the fall of 2010. The approval process can take up to a year. The tentative date for implementation of the AA degree program is January 2011.

Still Time for You to Register for Fall Classes

We hope you will consider enrolling in at least one LU course. Living University has several courses for you! If you have not yet registered there is still time. This semester you can choose from:
THL 111 Biblical Writing Basics (3)
THL 114 Biblical Principles of Health and Wellness (3)
THL 135 Life, Ministry and Teachings of Jesus (3)
THL 150a Introduction to Biblical Communication (2)
THL 200 Principles of Christian Living (3)
THL 211 Old Testament Survey I (3)
THL 320 Introduction to Church History (3)
THL 332 The Biblical Text (3)
THL 412 Epistles of Paul I (3)
THL 421 History of Christianity I (3)
THL 473 Archaeology and the Old Testament (3)
THL 499abc Independent Study (1-3)
To register click on, logon, and once you have accessed the ATutor e-learning system then select Browse Courses. Click on the title of the course or courses to register.
If you have forgotten your password, simply click on

Don’t miss this opportunity to delve deeper into the Word of God online at Living University.

Living University registration for the 2009 semester can be began at

Living University is essentially an online institution and is affiliated with the Living Church of God.

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