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In the latest LCG Weekly Update, Dibar Apartian included the following report:

Living University

Spring 2009 Semester Registration

Registration for Living University spring semester classes is underway. At LU you can experience learning the way it was meant to be: enjoyable, meaningful, productive, fast and convenient. Classes begin on Wednesday, January 14. Now is the time to sign up.

Seven basic courses are scheduled: Christian Camp Leadership, Introduction to Biblical Doctrines, Christian Leadership, Acts and the Writings of Paul, Old Testament Survey II, History of Christianity II, and Archaeology of the New Testament. For specific information or to sign up for classes, visit the Living University website at All courses are planned to fit your schedule and are designed to meet the needs of working adults, as well as of traditional-age college students. The courses are not difficult, but they do require you to study and to complete homework designed to help you learn and remember. Through our Open Learning Program you may enroll in courses to help you grow in understanding of the Scriptures and to enhance your ability to effectively communicate God’s way of life to others.

Online Orientation is now available on the university’s website. To learn more of LU’s distance education programs, we suggest that you participate in this online orientation program. It should take you about 15 minutes. If you are a student, a person thinking about enrolling at LU, or one simply interested in learning more about the university, do not miss this online presentation. Visit the university website at and select “Online Orientation.”

Living University registration for the 2009 semester can be began at

Living University is essentially an online institution and is affiliated with the Living Church of God.

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