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Living University sent out the following:

Do not lose out on your opportunity to delve deeper into God’s Word. Join us in recapturing “true values” and learning more of the original Christianity of the apostles. LU now offers seven theology courses for your consideration.

Late registration for the Spring Semester is…Wed.-Fri… If you have not registered for classes at LU do not miss this opportunity.

To register login at and select browse courses. Click on a course to register….

This semester you can choose from:

THL 136 Acts and the Writings of Paul (3)
THL 212 Old Testament Survey II (3)
THL 236 Christian Camp Leadership (2)
THL 250 Introduction to Biblical Doctrines (3)
THL 326 Christian Leadership (3)
THL 422 History of Christianity II (3)
THL 474 Archaeology and the New Testament (3)

Living University registration for the 2009 semester can be began at

Living University is essentially an online institution and is affiliated with the Living Church of God.

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