RCG’s Shirley Pack Died

RCG made the following announcement:

We regret to inform you that after a long battle with cancer Mrs. Pack died peacefully in her sleep at her home in the early hours of Sunday morning. Her physical condition began to deteriorate rapidly on Tuesday and this continued through the end of the week.

In the weeks leading up to her death, Mrs. Pack was in the Headquarters office on a daily basis. Although she was unable to actively participate, it was of the utmost importance to her personally to support and be close to God’s Work. Struggling through intense discomfort and physical weakness, she kept the Sabbath on July 14 at Headquarters with God’s people and visiting RCG leaders from around the world. She was also present for the majority of the lectures at the Ministerial & Leadership Conference earlier this week…

The details of the funeral will be forthcoming as soon as possible, but the tentative date will be next Sunday, July 29, in Wadsworth.

Mr. Pack and his family thank all of you in advance for the prayers and support that has steadfastly continued throughout this trial. Mrs. Pack also drew continual comfort from the near endless stream of cards and letters that never stopped.

Shirley Pack was David Pack’s wife.  She had been seriously ill for quite some time.

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