David Pack Calls a Group, “Our Enemies in Oklahoma”


On January 6, 2008, PCG broke ground on what it calls Armstrong Auditorium (the above rendering is from Rees Associates) 


Yesterday at the News of Those Once Affiliated with the Global Church of God page, I posted some of what RCG’s David Pack teaches in his nearly three hour sermon titled RCG 2008: The Great Turning Point.

Today on this page, I would like to make a few additional observations and comments.  Like most of his sermons, David Pack uses the term “splinters” to refer to Church of God groups that are not part of his “Restored Church of God“.

But after listening yesterday, it seemed he to take it to a new level for two reasons. 

The first is that after mentioning “splinters”, he referred to one of them as “our enemies in Oklahoma”.  An apparently slightly muted reference to the incorrectly titled Philadelphia Church of God which is based out of Oklahoma.  And while I do not agree that the group is truly part of the Philadelphia remnant of the Church of God, David Pack’s use of the term enemies simply did not strike me as appropriate for a self-proclaimed “apostle of the Church of God” to use.  Of course, it is possible that PCG has done something specific to cause David Pack to use that expression, but he really did not directly say what they did to deserve his “enemies” designation.

However, the second reason he may have reached a new level, as well as why he possibly may have referred to PCG as “our enemies in Oklahoma”, is because like PCG, RCG is beginning a major building project (for a few details, see yesterday’s post at the News of Those Once Affiliated with the Global Church of God page).

David Pack seems fixed on trying to look impressive and his sermon indicated that he hopes that some in “the splinters” will SEE his buildings (and  other projects), be impressed, and conclude that God is working through him, and hence support RCG.  I suspect that David Pack may see PCG’s own building projects as competition.

This is sad, but this appears to be part of what seems to now drive David Pack.

In the same sermon, David Pack also seemed to take shots specifically against UCG when he commented about those with education centers (UCG’s program is called Ambassador Bible Center) and LCG when he commented about a virtual education program (LCG’s Living University is essentially an online theology program).

I will simply add that we in the Living Church of  God hope to impress the world with the truth of the message of the Bible and not primarily the outward adornment of buildings (though buildings do have a place, just not the type of priority that David Pack seems to be placing upon them).

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