RCG’s David Pack predicts a reunification that will not happen next month

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For several months, David Pack of the improperly named Restored Church of God (RCG) has been writing weekly letters to those he tends to call “the splinters.”   He basically is teaching that he is the prophesied Joshua from the Book of Haggai and that all those in the Church of God will reunify with his group on August 30, 2013.  I have been covering this at the News of Those Once Affiliated with GCG page and have once mentioned it on this page once.

Anyway, here is some of what David Pack wrote that was just posted late today, which has more emphasis towards ministers he wants to gain:

The group this announcement addresses should most be able to recognize the fingerprints of God working in His Church. It was the ministry—1,855 ministers and elders the day I was terminated in March 1993…(A note to ministers under 40: You have not really seen what God’s Church is supposed to look like. Those under 30 have never seen it. GRASP THIS before proceeding!)…

First some review from previous announcements. We saw God’s people will soon be reinstated into His Church after having been disfellowshipped for about 20 years. Recall what Mr. Armstrong taught YOU about the status of the disfellowshipped. None of the WCG ministry ever believed that a disfellowshipped person was still a member of the Body of Christ…

If you want your ministry to continue, think carefully about the men you currently support. To pooh-pooh this announcement is to risk your calling. Think it through. The leaders of your organization cannot give you eternal life. They will soon be unable to even continue your employment as a pastor or associate pastor…

You may soon find yourself pastoring larger or much larger numbers of brethren after reunification. God’s Church will again enjoy more and larger congregations around the world…

Be careful you do not quickly dismiss a complex prophecy, one you are no longer equipped to readily grasp. Just think about how you probably could not even remember that Mr. Armstrong was the Zerubbabel of Haggai and Zechariah 4—never mind WHAT THIS MEANT.

Some or many ministers may be torn over these announcements, wondering if I could be right. Haggai is a book in your Bible! His prophecy WILL soon come to pass. No other explanation of it fits—and none but Gerald Flurry is even offering an explanation. (When has that man gotten ANYTHING about prophecy right?) The only thing you could question is whether the timing of this year is correct. Last Friday’s announcement made this plain, revealing many reasons (there are almost 40 more) that the prophecy is “on” for 2013.

Your leaders once claimed to be searching for God’s servant. One was sent. Yet humanly I am no more special than any of you. God’s pattern of government starts with one leader. You once believed this. You also once professed to know an apostle when you saw one—meaning by the fruits. Just like you did not ask to become a minister of Jesus Christ, I did not ask for my responsibilities. Who would? But God’s flock is before us, along with the greatest Work the world has ever seen.

Will you rise to the challenge?

You may soon find yourself pastoring larger or much larger numbers of brethren after reunification…

God’s people can again experience the peace that existed during the Worldwide Church of God while it was on track. Realize a wonderful place—an awesome future opportunity—awaits you. We all look forward to thousands of people returning to God’s Church. Brethren will again “dwell together in unity” (Pas. 133:1), walking together in the “bond of peace” (Eph 4:3). The I Corinthians 1:10 picture of complete unity will again be the case for ALL God’s people. These verses will be fulfilled a second time in this age, and your role will be crucial.

David Pack often makes bold and inaccurate statements.  His latest post is no exception. While some ministers may join him (some have in the past, and some of them later left), few real ministers could be comfortable with the spiritual error in RCG.  He will not get the thousands that he is claiming.

To address another of his inaccurate statements, I am a COG leader and I clearly wrote that Haggai is not predicting David Pack, but may be referring to one of the two witnesses as a potential “Joshua,” yet David Pack says only PCG’s Gerald Flurry offered an explanation–that is not true.   Furthermore, since David Pack claimed to have read my article on the two witnesses, he should have seen it.  Additionally, since he had previously written that he was not one of the two witnesses, but supposed would train them, he is not “Joshua.”

But, he has a tendency to be dismissive and not be careful enough about the facts, the truth, or the mission of the Church, which is a big part of why I have long had serious doubts that RCG is truly a Church of God (though, I have believed that some of its members were, though misled by David Pack).

Notice, for another example, something he wrote and had posted last Friday:

Why Reunification THIS YEAR!

…all brethren will be reunited this summer, in time to attend the Feast of Tabernacles together in 2013… the prophecy is “on” for August 2013.

God’s people are not all about to join RCG and attend their Feast of Tabernacles’ sites.  While his numbers seem to be up in 2013, David Pack will not have the majority of those that are truly converted and have God’s Holy Spirit become part of his organization.  His organization is not truly of God.

In the past David Pack claimed that he was an apostle because he wrote a lot.  Interestingly, someone once affiliated with RCG wrote me years ago and informed me that he, and not David Pack, really did most of the booklets and that David Pack claimed too much credit for what little he actually did.

Be that as it may, RCG has always been about the person of David Pack.  I personally do not believe that he is an actual Christian, based upon various statements and actions he has taken in the past.

Why mention this here and now?

Basically, I want it clear to everyone that there is no possible why that the vast majority of God’s people are going to become part of RCG by August 30, 2013 nor go to RCG’s Feast of Tabernacles’ sites.  David Pack is one of many false and heretical leaders.  His bullying and name-calling tactics have not stopped me for calling attention to several of his inaccurate statements.

Just because someone makes bold statements in with an air of confidence, does not mean that he is right or that he speaks for God.  David Pack is NOT God’s apostle and is wrong about what he is predicting.

Will he repent when he is proven wrong?  That would be interesting.  Or will he make up excuses and explanations like CGPFKG’s Ronald Weinland mostly has?

We will see.

Please, readers, understand that the dictatorial David Pack is completely wrong, yet he is likely to try to come up with an explanation that will keep a lot of his followers.  The same thing happened with Ron Weinland a couple of times, but eventually more people saw the truth about him.  David Pack is wrong about what he is teaching, and also he is NOT the apparently prophesied Joshua of Haggai.

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