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UCG’s President Luker sent out his 11/4/10 letter to non-UCG members as one was received last night.  This is the letter that I reported about on 11/5/10 (see Dennis Luker: Spirit of Rebellion Brewing in the United Church of God).

The letter, amongst other things, stated:

Sadly, I must state that there is a spirit of rebellion that has been brewing in the United Church of God for some time—but which is now rising to the surface. Some ministers and members have taken it upon themselves to hold meetings to undermine the authority in the governing structure of United, that all of them once endorsed. They are disseminating false information designed to discredit those in authority, and favor others that they desire to have as leaders instead.

And while the above may be helpful for “damage control” amongst UCG members, it was a surprise to me that UCG mailed this to people that are not attending or officially part of UCG.

UCG may see wisdom in that, but it did seem an unusual form of damage control to involve non-UCG members in an internal dispute that UCG inquirers and prospective members may get turned off by–  especially as they probably have not been directly affected by UCG’s issues (unless they live in Latin America, but since the letter received was in English, Latin America, which was not directly mentioned, did not seem to be the issue).

Speaking of getting turned off, RCG’s self-appointed “apostle” David Pack wrote what I consider to be a nonsensical article yesterday in order to supposedly attract UCG members his way (I reported about it last night at my GCG News page).

I would simply caution any UCG members who look at RCG to check with their Bibles and look at the real “fruits” of RCG as to me the organization seems to mainly exist to soothe and stroke the ego of its leader.  I consider the organization to be at best, Pharisaical.  I have also written a couple of articles that explain why.  As well as others that those in the COGs may find of value.

These are trying times for those in UCG, and I would suggest that they study and pray about what has been going on.

Some articles of possibly related interest may include:

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The Laodicean Church Era has been predominant circa 1986 A.D. to present. These are non-Philadelphians who mainly descended from the old WCG.

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