TW: Sheikh Adel Shehato’s Hatred Against ‘Christians’

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In the latest issue of its TW News & Prophecy, the Living Church of God had the following:

Sheikh Adel Shehato was imprisoned in Egypt in 1991 and released following the Egyptian uprising earlier this year. He is a senior official in the Egyptian Jihad and his fame and influence are growing in Egypt. In a recent interview, he shared his extremist views about Christianity. When asked whether he was against blowing up churches, the sheikh responded, “Yes and no. The Christian is free to worship his God in his church, but if the Christians make problems for the Muslims, I will exterminate them. I am guided by the Shariah, and it stipulates that they must pay the jizya tax [tax on certain non-Muslims ] while in a state of humiliation.”When the interviewer expressed fear at his views, the sheikh responded, “I will not act [in ways] that contradict my faith just in order to please the people. … We say to the Christians, convert to Islam or pay the jizya, otherwise we will fight you. The Shariah is not based on logic but on divine law. That is why we oppose universal, manmade constitutions” (, August 29, 2011).

There has been a visible rise in Islamic extremism across the Middle East and North Africa in recent years. The Bible clearly indicates that at the end of the age, a religio-political King of the South will “attack” the European King of the North. This King of the North will prevail and ultimately overthrow many countries, including Egypt (Daniel 11:40-43). We appear to be watching events that God will use to fulfill His prophecies.

I have reported about this Sheikh before (see Sheik Shehato: ‘We Will Launch a Campaign of Islamic Conquest’).

The Bible is about love, not hate.  While the Sheikh probably does not understand real Christianity and may not have ever encountered any truly faithful Christians, his words and apparent intentions are still in error.

Sadly, people of many faiths do not understand the Bible or the meaning of life.

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