Hillary Clinton Raises Persecution Concerns

Hillary Rodham Clinton


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made some comments about some of the negative results of the changes in some of the Arab nations yesterday:

Arab Spring Poses Threat to Religious, Ethnic Minorities: State

‎International Business Times – 14 September 2011

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton embraced the spirit of self-determination driving popular protests, but warned that minority groups become vulnerable: “In the Middle East and North Africa, the transitions to democracy have inspired the world but they have also exposed ethic and religious minorities to new dangers,” Clinton told reporters as she unveiled the State Department’s annual International Religious Freedom Report. “People have been killed by their own neighbors because of their ethnicity or faith. In other places we have seen governments stand by while sectarian violence inflamed by religious animosities tears communities apart.”

Hillary Clinton is correct that religious minorities (including Eastern Orthodox and evangelicals) are getting additional persecutions in many of the Arab lands that have overthrown or otherwise replaced dictatorial leaders.

The results of democracy in the Arab lands will probably not be what Hillary Clinton really wants either.

Religious persecutions are becoming more and more commonplace, and in time, will become quite severe for the Christians who are part of the true Church of God.

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