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The November/December 2015 newsletter associated with Church of God Outreach Ministries has the following:

It’s not in the Book!

You turn up for an event—only to find it has been cancelled. You plan a picnic—and it pours. You look forward to a big night out—and go down with ‘flu. We are used to such disappointments—that’s life!

Then you get curious about some of your beliefs only to find they don’t fit the facts. The moon isn’t green cheese. The earth isn’t flat. Matter isn’t solid and can be in two places at once. And—you can’t find your long-held Christian beliefs in Christianity’s source Book—the Bible. Now that could present some longterm issues.

Let’s look at some misunderstandings. …

Sunday Observance
Sorry—not in the Book. The Book teaches observance of the seventh day, Saturday. It took more than three centuries for the pagan Sunday observance to supersede the day kept by Jesus, the apostles and the early church, with just a minority continuing to observe the seventh day. Millions of Christians now observe it. worldwide.

Puzzling that neither gets a mention. Except for a brief reference in the Old Testament where God strongly condemns them, and some veiled warning references by the apostle Peter. But with clear evidence that God appointed festivals were and should still be observed.

Immortal soul
Not there. That’s the lie Satan taught to Adam and Eve: ‘…you shall surely not die’. God only is immortal. Those in whom resides God’s immortal Spirit will put on immortality at the first resurrection at the return of Christ.

No—the saved do not go there. They remain in God’s care (as inert spirits) until Jesus returns, when they reign with him firmly on Earth. In the end, the Father comes from heaven to reside on Earth.

No—it’s not ‘done away’. Jesus makes clear in the Scriptures that God’s Law undergirds all Christian behaviour. When the Father draws us to Jesus we are to set aside our law-breaking (‘repentance’) and are baptized by immersion as a symbol of our becoming a ‘new creature’ in Christ.

It is to God’s Word, the Christian Bible, all of it, that we must look for the authentic teaching of Jesus. He warned that many would pervert his message and urged us to be constantly on our guard for false teachings—and teachers!

Let me also state that not only are many doctrines that people think are Christian not in the Bible, they were not observed by Jesus’ early followers either.  Furthermore, many of those teachings that many now accept were condemned by early professors of Christ.

For scriptural and historical proof, check out the following documented articles and videos:

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