TPM on the Calendar

In an ad in the Connection’s portion of The Journal, TPM’s W. Dankenbring claims:

THINK about it! The sacred Calendar is the very FOUNDATION of “ALL” the Holy Days. Since the Hillel II Calendar is wrong, corrupted,
and perverted, then the whole building—the whole superstructure—is also wrong, crooked, and unstable!

Let us build wisely on the Rock—the true Calendar—that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jesus and Paul used and continue in the “true” Word
of God, and Jesus Christ our true Rock who created the Calendar in the first place (Exo. 12:1-2). And who followed it to set the example for
us to follow Jesus and not man.

I believe that years ago, Raymond McNair (now with CG21) proved that Jesus kept the Holy Days based upon the same postponements that are in the Hillel Calendar that most Orthodox Jews and Churches of God use.

As far as being wrong, those interested in prophecy may wish to see how many times TPM has been wrong. Some of those times are documented in the article Teachings of Triumph Prophetic Ministries.

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