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Bas-relief at Angkor Wat depicting a demon performing an ancient abortion.


In his latest commentary, UCG’s Robin Weber wrote:

Abortion vs. a Culture of Life

This week two major news items collided to push once again the abortion controversy front and center in the American consciousness.

President Barrack Obama—a “pro-choice” advocate—spoke about abortion at the well-known Catholic University of Notre Dame. At the same time amazing new Gallup poll results on abortion were released.

Both items made Americans take note that this open wound continues to fester.

The Notre Dame surprise

What surprised many people was that Notre Dame—sponsored by a church with a strong and clear systematic theology on life issues—would welcome a speaker known for his counter views. Many Catholic officials publicly denounced the event, boycotted the speech or joined in demonstrations leading up to the commencement address.

At the same time the venerable Gallup organization released a new poll showing—for the first time since 1995—that 51% of Americans consider themselves “pro-life” when it comes to the issue of infants in the womb having rights. The percentages have swung upward by 6% in just a year.

Like a vanishing city

Perhaps people are beginning to finally take notice of the grim statistics that—in the United States alone—3,700 babies are aborted every day. That grim statistic multiplies to 1.3 million a year.

While various Catholics protested that the pro-abortion President was speaking at one of their schools, I suspect few of them realize that some “Bishops of Rome” have, from the third century and beyond, sometimes allowed abortion.

But of course, we in the true Church of God, have never had true leaders that would have allowed this.


Eight days ago, someone I know sent me a You-Tube link urging President Obama to speak out against abortion at the Notre Dame speech.  The bizarre part of that You-Tube was that the narrator, who so passionately opposed abortion, also had apparently voted for Barack Obama.

Any who think that President Obama was apt to change his position on this apparently did not pay attention to the fact that while campaigning, he made it clear that strengthening laws to allow abortions was going to be one of his first priorities.  And if fact, that is what he did (e.g. Obama’s Abortion Changes).

Abortion is one of the many national sins of America that helps tell the world that it is not truly a “Christian nation”.

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