Obama’s Support High Among Unchurched


Notice the following:

Americans Who Don’t Attend Church Form Base of Obama’s Support, Gallup Polling Indicates
CNS – May 13, 2010
…Non-church goers form the base of Obama’s support, according to Gallup polling data. Gallup reports the breakouts from its presidential approval survey for three different types of church-goers: people who attend church weekly, people who attend church nearly weekly or monthly, and people who seldom or never attend church. Among these three groups, Obama’s approval rating tops 50 percent only among those who seldom or never attend church. In fact, among this group it was at 56 percent for the week ending May 8.Obama’s approval rating among people who attend church weekly was only 43 percent during that week; and among those who attend church nearly weekly or monthly it was 47 percent…Obama’s approval rating dropped to a low of 38 percent among weekly church-goers in the week that ended on April 4.

By contrast, Obama’s presidential approval rating has never dropped below 50 percent among those who seldom or never go to church. http://cnsnews.com/news/article/65861

This is particularly interesting because of the US President’s own church practices.  He and his family attended church until he was elected USA president, but now Barack Obama no longer intends to join any particular church.  This was reported at COGwriter (see Obama Decides Against Joining a Church).

A lot of Protestants supported Barack Obama’s election in 2008.  As they become more and more secular, apparently those less attached to a church are the ones that will most likely support any re-election bid he may have.

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