Many Americans Believe that Barack Obama is Muslim


The following news item reveals that many Americans believe that Barack Obama’s religious faith is Islam:

Despite Obama’s attendance in church and his repeated public statements about his Christian faith, nearly one in five respondents on the survey said they believed he is a practitioner of Islam, while only 34 percent of Americans correctly identified him as a Christian, down sharply from a year earlier…

“While the president has been diligent and personally committed to his own Christian faith, there’s certainly folks who are intent on spreading falsehoods about the president and his values and beliefs,” faith adviser Joshua DuBois said.

There are a couple of points above that I would challenge.

First, President Obama does NOT attend church on a regular basis.  He did prior to his election, but stopped after being elected.  Second, he clearly is not diligent and personally committed to his faith.

Third, the President has made enough statements to Muslim leaders that suggest he is highly open to their perspectives.  More than any other president in the USA’s history.

Fourth, although he reportedly prays, Barack Obama also reportedly carries a Hindu monkey god idol along with him on occasion.

Fifth, there has never been a less supportive USA president for the nation of Israel than Barack Obama.

It is basically because Barack Obama’s own statements and practices that have caused many to think he not a real Christian and that he possibly is Muslim (though Muslims would not carry idols in their pockets).

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