Several More Reasons American’s Question Obama’s Religion


The following news item keeps popping up:

What will it take for Obama to convince the world that he’s a Christian, or at least not a Muslim?  (Christian Science MonitorBrad Knickerbocker 21 Aug 2010)

CNN had several segments the past few days somewhat asking the same thing.  And I covered some of this when the story first came out (see Many Americans Believe that Barack Obama is Muslim).  But I would like to address the question above as the mainstream media does not seem to really understand the facts.

Here are some reasons that thinking, biblically-oriented people, do not believe that Barack Obama is a real Christian:

  1. He stopped regularly attending outside church services after becoming elected President of the United States (except for some public events)–so his sincerity is doubted.
  2. He has made it clear that he greatly supports the homosexual “agenda”, unless such pushing may get in the way of his other political objectives.
  3. One of his first acts after taking office was to increase international funding for abortions.
  4. On an international trip, he referred to the Muslim book as “the Holy Quran”.  Real Christians do not consider the Quran as holy.
  5. He essentially eliminated the “National Day of Prayer”.  Which, while I did not consider to truly be “Christian”, most Americans did.
  6. He attended the first “feeding” for Ramadan this year.  Christians are not supposed to observe holy days of other religions.
  7. He has been found to carry a Hindu monkey god.  No Christian intentionally carries around pagan idols.
  8. His initial, fairly clear sounding support, for the “ground-zero” mosque.
  9. His two US Supreme Court appointees are both believed to be supporters of on-demand abortion.

His “We’re not a Christian nation” comment earlier this year before Muslim leaders while technically accurate, was offensive to many Americans (it also differed from the views of most who helped found the USA).

It is basically because Barack Obama’s own statements and practices that have caused many to think he not a real Christian.  Furthermore, his relatively close relationships with Muslims (having a Muslim father/grandfather and growing up in predominantly Muslim Indonesia) in his early years, his statements in Cairo and elsewhere, and his distancing himself from the State of Israel have had some wonder if he had remained a Muslim despite public denials.

Those who are not biblically-oriented, those who do not believe that they have to live their lives by what the Bible says, etc. seem confused, that many doubt the President’s claimed faith.

Now, I have never reported that Barack Obama was a Muslim.  Actually, when I first reported on this during his campaign, I reported that he claimed Christianity.

Yet, those of us who do take the Bible literally do not understand how one can support abortion on demand and expect others to believe that they are Christian.

In my view, an unrepentant abortionist, is simply that.  One cannot be an unrepentant abortionist and a real Christian.

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