49% of Americans Believe Obama’s Faith is ‘Christian.’ And Mitt Romney?


A new poll came out on perceptions of Obama’s faith:

26 July February 2012

Nearly four years after he was sent to the White House, less than half of American voters know President Obama is Christian, a new poll has found.

A survey by the Pew Research Center found that only 49 percent of those polled knew Obama is Christian, while 17 percent thought he is Muslim and 31 percent said they don’t know.

While the secular media believes that Barack Obama is Christian, because he claims he is, the biblical definition of a Christian is one who has God’s spirit. True Christians have the Holy Spirit of God:

9 But you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. Now if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is not His. 10 And if Christ is in you, the body is dead because of sin, but the Spirit is life because of righteousness. 11 But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you (Romans 8:9-11).

True Christians have repented of their sins, accepted Christ, have been properly baptized, strive to live as Christ did, and possess God’s Holy Spirit (Acts 2:39; Romans 8:9-11).  Whle Barack Obama claims to have accepted Christ, his actions and policy statements appear to be in conflict with a variety of biblical principles.

Here are some reasons that thinking, biblically-oriented Catholics and Protestants, may conclude Barack Obama is not a real Christian:

  1. He stopped regularly attending outside church services after becoming elected President of the United States (except for some public events; cf. Matthew 23:6-7)–so his sincerity is doubted.
  2. He has pushed the homosexual agenda. “Though President Obama opposed gay marriage during the 2008 election” (http://www.theatlanticwire.com/national/2012/02/five-best-tuesday-columns/48958/) he now supports and advocates it (see also Obama Announces He Wants to Repeal Defense of Marriage Act and Increase Debt).
  3. One of his first acts after taking office was to increase international funding for abortions. He makes various public statements supporting abortion (notice, for example, Obama’s Latest Defense of Abortion).
  4. On an international trip, he referred to the Muslim book as “the Holy Quran.” Real Christians do not consider the Quran as holy.
  5. While in office, he attended the first “feeding” for Ramadan at least one year. Christians are not supposed to observe holy days of other religions.
  6. He has been found to carry a Hindu monkey god (see Barack Obama Carries Hindu Monkey God). No Christian intentionally carries around pagan idols.
  7. His initial, fairly clear sounding support, for the “ground-zero” mosque.
  8. His two US Supreme Court appointees are both believed to be supporters of on-demand abortion.
  9. He seems to support “freedom of worship” as opposed to “freedom of religion” (Obama Administration Changing Freedom of Religion?). This has carried forward in his stance on forcing the paying for various forms of contraception, including abortive pills, as he seems to feel that his form of morality should trump those who have religious beliefs to the contrary. And even though the beliefs of those in the genuine Church of God on family planning are closer to those held by the Eastern Orthodox, than Roman, Catholics, I believe that the President has often crossed a line that should concern all who profess Christ.
  10. He seems to claim that political forms of covetousness are consistent with his “Christian Faith” values (see Obama Claims His Economic Policies are Linked to His ‘Christian Faith’).
  11. He seems to advocate class warfare (see Obama: ‘You Can Call this Class Warfare).
  12. He has increased the regulatory burden on some Americans excessively (cf. Jesus’ warnings Matthew 23:4-5).

We in the real Church of God could add many other items to the above list, but the dozen reasons above should give all concerns about Barack Obama’s faith.

It is basically because Barack Obama’s own statements and practices that have caused many to think he not a real Christian. Furthermore, his relatively close relationships with Muslims (having a Muslim father/grandfather and growing up in predominantly Muslim Indonesia) in his early years, his statements in Cairo and elsewhere, and his distancing himself from the State of Israel have had some wonder if he had remained a Muslim despite public denials.

Those who are not biblically-oriented, those who do not believe that they have to live their lives by what the Bible says, etc. seem confused, that many doubt the President’s claimed faith.

What religion is Barack Obama?

Barack Obama seems to be a supporter of a Protestant-type Constantinian religion (comes out of the Greco-Roman tradition, not the Church of God) which claims Christ. Yet, he does not seem to be highly involved with it. Whether he makes the public appearances in religious settings to give the impression he is Christian or if this is what he truly believes is not clear to me.

Barack Obama has made public gestures supportive of Islam (like participating in Ramadan-related activities) and the Hindu faith (he carries and monkey-god charm and in November 2010 danced at a Diwali celebration). This suggests that he is neither Muslim or Christian as one true to either of those faiths would not carry a pagan deity as a good-luck charm.

Those of us who do take the Bible literally do not understand how one can support abortion on demand, carry idols, etc. then expect others to believe that they are Christian.

I have never believed that Barack Obama was a real Christian and still do not.

Mitt Romney (Gage Skidmore, 2011)

What about Barack Obama’s main expected political opponent, Mitt Romney?  Notice the following which also just came out:

26 July 2012

Most of America doesn’t relate to Mitt Romney’s religion but that may not matter in his race against President Barack Obama.

Those are the findings of a new Pew Research Center poll released Thursday, about a month before Republican Romney is set to become the first Mormon presidential nominee of a major political party.

Misgivings about the Mormon faith are widespread and persistent. Nearly two-thirds of non-Mormons said they see Romney’s faith as very different from their own while just half consider it a Christian faith…white evangelicals (42 percent) were most likely to say the Mormon faith is not a Christian one. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/07/26/poll-few-think-romney-faith-resembles-their-own/#ixzz21mDgpYgC

Mitt Romney claims to be part of the LDS (Mormon).  Of course, most who are devout as Protestant, Catholic, or Church of God would not accept those that accept the Book of Mormon are true Christians, while acknowledging that they claim belief in Christ.

That being said, most of the LDS I know at least try to live their faith.

But Mitt Romney?

He seems to have some issues of LDS concern.  As governor of the relatively “liberal” state of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney supported abortion rights, now have changed his position.  While I applaud all who change to a more biblical view of this topic, because of other policy position changes, I question aspects of the sincerity of Mitt Romney’s faith.

Anyway, I do not believe that either Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney are true Christians, and both give me reasons to question the depth and sincerity of their pubic religious positions.

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