Obama in Indonesia: Building Bridges with Muslims


US President Barack Obama is in Indonesia today.

‘Building bridges’: Obama courts Muslims

In Indonesia, president says that he can’t ‘completely eliminate some of the … mistrust’

JAKARTA, Indonesia — President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that Washington’s effort to reach out to the Muslim world was earnest…

Obama arrived in Indonesia  — his home for four years of his youth…using the most populous Muslim nation to reach out to the Islamic world.

Obama called his administration’s efforts to repair relations with Muslims “earnest, sustained.”…

Obama’s stepfather was Muslim, and during his time in Indonesia Obama occasionally studied the Quran and visited a local mosque. Although Obama is Christian, that background helped foster enduring rumors in the U.S. about the president’s religion.  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/40082730/ns/politics-white_house/

US President Obama is a professor of Christ at times, but unlike the above article, I could not categorize him as a Christian.  It also seems strange that while his administration claims that they are allies of the nation of Israel, that he publicly chastised Israel in a public speech in Indonesia today (Obama, in Indonesia, Criticizes Israel on Housing).  This type of behavior makes many wonder about his sincerity as far as supporting Israel goes.

There was another news item about him and Indonesia that readers might find of interest:

Barack Obama joined Muslim prayers at school, teacher says
The Australian – Nov 8, 2010
AS a schoolboy in Jakarta, Barack Obama attended Muslim prayer sessions with his classmates against the wishes of his mother. The US President’s former grade three teacher said that Mr Obama – who was known as “Barry” when he attended the Menteng One school in Jakarta – studied the Koran and went to classes on Islam, despite the objections of Ann Dunham, a Catholic. (The Times. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/world/barack-obama-joined-muslim-prayers-at-school-teacher-says/story-e6frg6so-1225949239614)

Whether he attended prayer sessions to learn about Islam or to fit in, apparently Barack Obama was more involved in Islam that his mother wanted him to be.

What religion is Barack Obama?

Barack Obama seems to be a supporter of a Constantinian religion (comes out of the Greco-Roman tradition, not the Church of God) which claims Christ. Yet, he does not seem to be highly involved with it. For example, in the first few weeks after the election, he did not attend any church service according to an AP story (Obama skips church, heads to gym. November 23, 2008).  He ended up not joining any church, but makes public church appearances on occasion (a couple times a year).  Whether he makes the public appearances to give the impression he is Christian or this is what he believes is not clear to me.

Irrespective of that, because his religion is of the Constantinian variety, Barack Obama will likely not understand end-time prophecies and this will lead him to be more accommodating to the rise of the Beast (the King of the North) and the final King of the South (an Islamic power) than one who understands end-time prophecy would likely be.

Is Barack Obama a Muslim sympathizer?

The answer to that question is that he seems to be. Since he did grow up in Muslim Indonesia and had more early Muslim contacts than anyone else ever elected as President of the United States, he seemingly has more reasons than most U.S. presidents to have sympathy for Muslim perspectives. Here is some of what Barack Obama’s “Fight the Smears” website quotes about this:

Newsweek…Obama’s only personal contact with Islam came as a boy when he moved to Jakarta, Indonesia, with a stepfather who mixed his Islam with Hindu and Animist traditions…

Boston Globe…His Kenyan paternal grandfather and Indonesian stepfather were Muslim…

Thus, while the selected quotes seem to have been intended by the Obama campaign to minimize his ties to Islam, Barack Obama had more early ties to Islam than any ever elected to becoming President of the United States. He also repeated his full name, Barack Hussein Obama, the 2 times I heard him on his inauguration as USA president (he seemed to want everyone to hear him say Hussein).

But irrespective of that, it seems that his policies may lead to greater cooperation between the Arabic and non-Arabic Muslim nations which at some point in time must end up with a leader (which the Shiites call a Mahdi) that the Bible shows will be the Future King of the South.  And once again, today, he seemed to be doing that.

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