Barack Obama is Not the Antichrist

Barack Obama
Barack Obama


Time reported the following article yesterday:

The Web’s Word: Obama Is Not the Antichrist

TIME – Aug 29, 2008
One of the most widely searched terms containing “Obama” over the last four weeks — it was the seventh most popular term, accounting for 0.45% of all U.S. Internet searches that contained “Obama” — was “Obama Antichrist.” At first I thought it was a response to the McCain campaign ad called “The One,” which ridicules Obama for having a messiah complex and which many people thought drew a comparison between Obama and the Antichrist. But an analysis of Internet search data reveals that queries relating to Obama and the Antichrist started as early as January 2008, preceding the McCain video by over seven months.,8599,1837170,00.html

Can Barack Obama be the Antichrist? While Barack Obama may indeed win and may indeed be president during the time of the demise of the United States, he is NOT the final Antichrist.

The terms ‘antichrist’ and ‘antichrists’ are only used in the Bible five times (four and one respectively) and are found in four verses of the Bible, all written by the Apostle John. Those verses are II John 7, I John 2:18, I John 2:22, and I John 4:3. And since all of them discuss some aspect of theology, it is clear that the final Antichrist is mainly a religious figure.

Since the Bible shows that the Antichrist is a religious leader who works with a political leader, this rules out Barack Obama as he is a political, not a religious, leader (and John McCain for that matter).

Update 11/19/08: Because of the times that we are in and various prophecies, it seems likely that even though Barack Obama is NOT the final Antichrist that he will likely enable the rise of the Beast of Revelation (also known as the King of the North) and the King of the South who may be the Madhi that Shiite Muslims expect (see Barack Obama in Islamic Prophecy?).  For related information, please see the article Eight Reasons that Barack Obama May be Apocalyptic.

Update 02/17/09: Since more people have made claims about why they feel that Barack Obama is the Antichrist, a more detailed news item has been posted to address this, please see Eight More Reasons that Barak Obama is NOT the Antichrist.

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