2008 & Change God Approves

Barack Obama
Barack Obama


In 11 days we should learn who will be the next President of the United States.  This has been a really long campaign.

While watching parts of the Democratic convention in August 2008, I listened to Barack Obama and thought about ones of his slogans, Change You Can Believe In.

He gave a speech at that convention outlining those changes.  Some of which I agreed with, and many of which I did not.  This was not change I could believe in.

It occurred to me that the proper slogan for perhaps any campaign should be Change God Approves.  But, I figured that no major US presidential campaign would dare to propose such a slogan, and would be even less likely to attempt to follow that.

A week or so after the Democratic convention, I watched parts of the Republican convention.  John McCain’s new slogan was America First.  And while the religious right seemed to be thrilled at that time with John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin for his vice presidential nominee, they seemed to ignore the fact that America First could not be a slogan that any real Christian should endorse.

A Christian is always to put God first.

And neither of the major candidates has indicated that they intend to do that.

That is one of the many reasons that I do not endorse any of them nor their running mates.

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