Which Nations Read the Bible?


An interesting study came up yesterday:

US Among Most Bible-Literate Nations
By Philip Pullella, Reuters
VATICAN CITY (April 28) – Americans are among the world’s most ‘Bible-literate’ people and Spaniards, French and Italians are among the most ignorant about what the “good book” says, according to a new study released on Monday.
A poll carried out in nine countries — the United States, Britain, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Italy, Spain and Poland — also showed Americans were most willing to donate money to spread the message of the Bible.

The poll for the Catholic Biblical Federation interviewed Christians and non-Christians ahead of a synod of Roman Catholic Bishops on the Bible due to be held at the Vatican in October.

Most respondents in the poll, which was presented at the Vatican, were Christian. Except for in the United States, Britain and Russia, most of the Christians respondents were Catholic.

Asked if they had read a phrase from the Bible in the past 12 months, 75 percents of American respondents said yes, while between 20 percent and 38 percent of respondents in the other eight countries said yes.

The lowest were Spain with 20 percent, France with 21 percent, Italy with 27 percent, and Germany with 28 percent. http://news.aol.com/story/_a/us-among-most-bible-literate-nations/20080428180709990001

While it is nice to live in a country where people sometimes read the Bible, people everywhere need to read it more and do what it actually says–including the United States.  And partially because of their lack of biblical knowledge, the Europeans are setting themselves up to ultimately support two false religious leaders that the Bible shows will arise, probably within the next decade.

The fact is that very few people seem to know what the Bible actually teaches, what early Christians actually believed, how real Christians are supposed to live, and what the Bible really shows will happen in the future.

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