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The July-August 2008 edition of Today’s Christian Woman (a Protestant publication) had the following article by Stephanie Voiland:

Work the Wait

How I make the most of God’s delays

When will I get my turn to hang a white dress in my closet?” I mumbled as I hung up my fourth bridesmaid dress last summer. A single 29-year-old, I’d watched friend after friend join the ranks of “Mrs.”; I couldn’t help but wonder, How much longer, God?

As I contemplated my life’s many delays, I realized I don’t like waiting—and I’m not very good at it. But I wanted to grow during my waiting seasons rather than become bitter or lose faith. So I asked God to show me how he’s working through these divine delays.

Reminders of Redemption

Sometimes, a wait seems to have no apparent reason. The delay is simply the product of a sin-ravaged world…

The Timing of Trust

Strangely, it’s in the bleakest waiting moments that God’s intervention manifests itself most clearly. Sometimes, those miracles are glamorous. We receive the perfect job, the physical healing, the necessary funds—and the wait is over.

But other times, God does the miracle in us…

A Compassionate Presence

Often a wait seems long when life doesn’t unfold according to our agendas. But sometimes God has amazing reasons for a delay.

I mainly posted the above article because of the title. Jesus told us to wait and to do the work until He returns.

That is what I strive to do, that is what the Living Church of God strives to do, and that is what I pray that readers of this page will do.

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