WCG and Women

Yesterday, WCG reported:

Paul’s Policy on Women: Three Key Questions: In 1 Timothy 2, verse 12, Paul writes: “I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent.” Primarily because of this verse, we as a denomination did not ordain women as elders until the year 2007. Our change of policy involved a change in the way we understood this verse.

Of course, that is only one of the many changes at WCG. An article that reaches different conclusions than WCG does about women would include Women and the New Testament Church.

COGCDS sent an email stating:

I have enclosed the list of “Herbert W. Armstrong” messages I have on CD’s and DVD’s in the email below. It is over 20 pages long.I now have the new Atonement message dated 9-20-80, on a cassette tape. Once we clean it up I plan to share it as usual. If you have any new HWA messages I don’t have. please do share with me ASAP. Please do check your church library for new HWA material I don’t have. If any website posts messages I don’t have, please send me the exact link to it.I will in turn share with all of Gods scattered people interested in this material free of charge. If you have benefited in ANY way in the material I have shared with you (like using it in your church), please return the favor and share with me. God sees the heart, He knows if we are sharing the Truth we were freely blessed with. He also sees if we will NOT share what others have given us.Please do share this list with all “HWA Producers” who value this material. I try to work together as a team with all who value these teachings.Thank you! COGCDS…Website: http://cogcds.home.att.net/

There are various HWA resources on the net. The above one is growing.

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