Legacy on the Work and the Lukewarm

Prince Mikasa and Herbert W. Armstrong

Herbert W. Armstrong with then Prince Mikasa of Japan

Legacy Institute’s latest newsletter arrived last night.  In it, Leon Sexton stated:

I remember well my WCG church experience…The Church of God 7th Day organization…we called the “Sardis Church” or the “Dead Church”…

Herbert W. Armstrong himself spent most of his later years traveling to the “Gentile” world preaching the Gospel message… 

The remnant of old wine skin exclusivism keeps us separated and our collective part in the Work of God is limited in effectiveness.

It is not the COG7th Day organization that is dead. It is us – or at the very least – we have become lukewarm.

We cannot leave the preaching of the Gospel up to Two Witnesses or a Millennial Work. The time to preach the Gospel to ALL the nations is right now! God has given us the Bible to educate us about God and His plan of salvation for all mankind. He has given us the financial and technological resources…

God’s role is to choose those He will call His own. Our job is to get the True Message of Salvation out there. The lost are not able to come to the Church if the Church is NOT taking the Gospel to THEM!

God’s fields are out there. They are ripe for the harvest.  

Comments by COGwriter

Sadly, nearly all who were once part of the old Worldwide Church of God are not Philadelphian and do not have the correct focus on the work.  Hence lukewarmness is the condition of most who are part of the true Church of God in the 21st century.  And some still “have a name that they are alive but are dead” (Revelation 3:1).

However, it should be noted that by separating himself as he has, Leon Sexton also has promoted exclusivism (he also has a couple of unusual doctrines that seem exclusive to his group).

But the truth is that the work of the church is to get the true gospel of the kingdom out to the world as a witness –and Jesus said this would be done before the end comes (Matthew 24:14).

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