Urgent Prayer Request for Leon Sexton

Tribal Girls in Thailand


Legacy Institute’s Leon Sexton has been based out of Thailand for several decades. He visited Thailand in the old WCG days with Herbert W. Armstrong.

I just received the following urgent prayer request related to him:

Urgent Prayer Request: Leon Sexton

June 2nd, Leon came downstairs as usual, sat down in his chair and was looking forward to breakfast. At around 9:30 he was having trouble hearing Gloria, and seemed to be unable to see her. Suddenly he started to have convulsions or a seizure. We immediately called an ambulance. After which he was showing signs of difficulty moving, hearing, understanding,etc. Just as the ambulance arrived, he had a second, more severe, nearly total body convulsion/seizure. A third convulsion/seizure happened in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Currently Leon is in the Intensive Care Unit at Lanna Hospital here in Chiangmai, Thailand. He is under the care of his familiar practitioners and surgeons. He immediately had Computed Tomography (CT) scans which showed some minor irregularities the doctors are as yet uncertain about. They believe further invasive procedures could possibly do more harm due to the medications Leon is already taking, mainly blood thinners.

The current diagnosis is either another stroke, or possibly a type of epileptic fit. They have treated him with medicine to stop the convulsions/seizures. He has not had any since. He is also being given medicine to calm him. There have been moments of recognition, but he is still struggling with his ability to move, hear, and see. It is difficult to know how much information he is receiving and understanding as his situation fluctuates.

Leon and Gloria were very much looking forward to their planned trip to Burma (Myanmar), from the 12th to the 21st of June, for Pentecost, and to visit with Myo Zaw, Too Mar, and family, as well as Seng Aung’s family and others who could make their way to Yangon. They were hoping to make their way to Taungoo, but were told it was unsafe with the unstable situation and continuing civil war.

As we remind ourselves of Leon’s words, written and spoken many times over. “Satan continually strives to destroy our efforts, especially around the Holy Days!”  God is more powerful and guides and directs our paths!

Unless there is a miraculous change in Leon’s health and ability, the trip will necessarily be canceled and non-refundable.

Please keep Leon and Gloria in your prayers, God’s will be done.

While I am not sure if we ever met, Leon Sexton and I have emailed each other over the years on COG related matters.

Since moving to Thailand, he saw more and more issues with the USA. Here is something he wrote in a newsletter over a decade ago (bolding mine):

I grew up in the United States of America with a constitution and leadership that guaranteed my rights and my freedom. I have never faced the fear of armed soldiers dragging my family members out of their homes in the middle of the night or bullets suddenly flying through the walls of my house. I have never been in prison and have never gone hungry more than a day.

But let me give a warning. That is all temporary… Even our own freedoms are quickly being taken away. As an American living outside of the country and looking in, I see sweeping changes taking place. If I lived in the U.S. today, I would no longer feel so safe.

The point I am making is that we will never see the reality of real peace, safety, freedom, and lasting prosperity until Our Lord Jesus brings the Kingdom to this earth. Any freedom, peace, and prosperity we enjoy now are only temporary reprieves from the realities of a world ruled by Satan..

Things have gotten much worse in the USA since Leon Sexton wrote the above.

He is in my prayers.

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