As I Warned, Interim Government of Egypt Looks to be Replaced by Islamic-Focused One

Mohamed ElBaradei


The situation in Egypt looks difficult for the current interim government:

Published: November 21, 2011

CAIRO — After three days of increasingly violent demonstrations, Egypt’s interim civilian government submitted its resignation to the country’s ruling military council on Monday, bowing to the demands of the protesters and marking a crisis of legitimacy for the military-led government…it remained to seen whether the military would accept or reject the offer of the resignation, which followed the most sustained and bloodiest challenge to military’s hold on power since the fall of Hosni Mubarak as demonstrators clashed with security forces around Tahrir Square and across the country…The crackdown, including the reported use of live ammunition by troops, elicited condemnation across the political spectrum, joined by voices who had previously taken a more restrained tone toward the military council, from the liberal former diplomat Mohamed ElBaradei to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood

These developments are not a surprise.  Back in February 2011 I posted:

As I have been reporting, I believe that an interim government will likely be put in place in Egypt, followed ultimately by one that supports a pan-Arabic leader known biblically as the King of the South, but also known as the Caliph or Imam Mahdi by various ones in the Islamic world.  The stage clearly is being set for this to happen as this latest step by Egypt is consistent with that.

It may be that a somewhat secular interim government will be put in place, not deliver what the protesters want, and then the people will be more willing to accept a less secular, more religious leader.  And while a religious leader is not biblically required to be the final King of the South, traditionally it takes religion to cross national borders.  Hence this is one more reason I suspect that an Islamic-emphasizing leader is highly likely to be the King of the South. (see Algeria Protests and Egypt’s Next Step)

…the people of Egypt may decide to switch to a more religiously-oriented government and/or a more military-oriented government…If protests continue to expand in the Middle East, this could trigger other events which will possibly contribute to both the King of the South and the King of the North rising up and/or gaining power. (see ElBaradei Claims Egpyt Will Honor Israel Peace Treaty, But…)

So, as I wrote, an interim government was put into place in Egypt, it was somewhat secular, it did not yet deliver what the people want, and many in Egypt want a more Islamic government according to the protests of the past few days.  Enough so that the interim secular government has offered to resign.  While Mohamed ElBaradei may or may not want an Islamist government (I think he may end up supporting one, in some capacity, if he survives long enough), the biblical idea that the King of the South will also rise up will happen too.

Egypt will support the rise of the final King of the South (cf. Daniel 11;42).  The following scripture may also be supportive of this idea as well.

4 And the Egyptians I will give
Into the hand of a cruel master,
And a fierce king will rule over them,
Says the Lord, the Lord of hosts. (Isaiah 19:4)

Events in Egypt suggest that the intent of many of its people is to put into place an Islamic-type government.

And, the goal of the Egyptian-based Muslim Brotherhood is to put in place such of government, in the form of a caliphate, that would also cross current national borders.  Last week, the likely next Prime Minister of Tunisia and the head of the Ennahda party (a group that supports the main goals of the Muslim Brotherhood) declared that the caliphate has just began (see Tunisia’s Expected Prime Minister Claims to be part of the Sixth Caliphate).

Whether or not Egypt will join a caliphate soon can be debated, but it will, according to biblical-prophecy, be part of an Islamic confederation in the future.  Even if there are ups and downs first.

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