Mohamed ElBaradei Getting Some Muslim Brotherhood Support in Egypt

Mohamed ElBaradei


Mohamed ElBaradei is getting more support for some of his ideas for Egypt:

By IBTimes Staff Reporter | January 31, 2011 2:19 AM EST

Nobel Peace laureate, Mohamed ElBaradei took a stand in Tahrir, or Liberation Square on Sunday calling for the ruling Mubarak regime to resign.

Fragments of the opposition group including the Muslim Brotherhood have grouped behind ElBaradei chanting the unified slogan “leave”.

“You are the owners of this revolution. You are the future,” the Associated Press quoted ElBaradei addressing the crowd after nightfall. “Our essential demand is the departure of the regime and the beginning of a new Egypt in which every Egyptian lives in virtue, freedom and dignity.”

The former Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, ElBaradei has steered the association that organized the protests to pressurize the regime to quit.

Yet, there is still caution in the Muslim Brotherhood:

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt (AP) — This Mediterranean coastal city is a bastion of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, and perhaps nowhere else are the strengths — and the weaknesses — of the powerful fundamentalist movement clearer as Egypt explodes with protests aimed at removing its long-ruling president.

The Brotherhood appeared to be caught flat-footed by the eruption of protests a week ago, fueled by young, more secular activists, and was slow to join in.

But once it did call out its membership, the result was that Alexandria saw the largest protests — and the fiercest clashes with police — of any city in Egypt, with tens of thousands marching through the streets, a sign of its organizing prowess.

Still, though it can bring out the sheer numbers, the Brotherhood is reluctant to present itself overtly as a leader or driving force in the protests, realizing that storming out with its hard-line slogans of “Islam is the solution” would disillusion secular groups, raise panic that it is trying to take over and bring a harsher government crackdown.

“This is a people’s revolution and it doesn’t belong to the Brotherhood,” said Amir Hussein, a 19-year old Brotherhood member who was among those in the streets of Alexandria over the weekend — the rhetoric echoed by many others in the movement from its lower ranks to upper leadership.

The question now is how the Brotherhood will deal with other opposition groups as the protest movement tries to coalesce and push through its demands that President Hosni Mubarak step down and his ruling party end its monopoly of power in Egypt. Particularly unclear is how it will relate with prominent reform advocate Mohamed ElBaradei, who some secular protesters are presenting as leader of the movement.

The Muslim Brotherhood is rising up, albeit cautiously.   Since Mohammed ElBaradei is a Noble prize winner, he has a recognized voice.  If he survives, I believe he could be an interesting one to negotiate one or more future deals with the Europeans (cf. Daniel 11:27; Psalm 83).

Yet, it is a group like the Muslim Brotherhood which has the potential to unify the Arab states under the coming King of the South–but it may have to wait until the situation gets more chaotic (food shortages and food inflation may end up being factors, as will likely Iran and Israel). I suspect that the King of the South will promise to appoint governors/presidents of various states or regions from a group that he is part of (and let some individuals in charge of various nations to keep their titles if they support him).

Those who have my book 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect are aware that certain Muslims have suggested that they have an ancient prophecy that indicates that a unifying Muslim leader would rise up in a time that the USA has a tall black man running it.  Which, presuming President Obama is re-elected and is that leader, means that if the “prophecy” is correct the leader would need to rise up in the next 6 years, or in the next 2 if Barack Obama is not re-elected (presuming he is not succeeded by another tall black man).

If protests continue in Egypt, and if even more Middle Eastern nations face unrest, this could trigger other events in the Middle East (like Iran deciding to try to show “leadership” through provoking/attacking Israel) which will lead to the King of the South gaining power.

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