Egypt’s ElBaradei again talks of peace with Israel

Mohamed ElBaradei


At least One Egyptian leader is publicly stating that Egypt is willing to have peace with Israel:

August 3, 2013

Egypt’s interim vice president Mohamed ElBaradei asserted his support for U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s efforts towards a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and a “real peace” between Egypt and Israel.El-Baradei, who is the former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency and Nobel Peace Laureate, became interim vice president following the ousting of President Mohammed Morsi last month. He called to halt the violence and dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood, insisting they should be part of the political process.

Asked about Egypt’s relationship with Israel, Baradei asserted that Israel now has the opportunity to forge a peace agreement with a post-Mubarak Egypt – but conditioned that upon a change in policy towards the Palestinians.

“We need to make sure that there is really a real peace with the Israelis. They have an opportunity, frankly, right now. In the past, they had peace with Mubarak, not with the Egyptians. Now is an opportunity for them, and I hope they grab that opportunity to have a peace with the Egyptians. But that requires that they make certain major adjustments to their policy with the Palestinians.”

This is not a new position from Mohamed ElBaradei as he has been one of the more public voices about peace with Israel in the past (ElBaradei Claims Egpyt Will Honor Israel Peace Treaty, But…).

While many in Israel are truly interested in peace, most of the proposals for ‘peace’ coming from outside of Israel are simply not acceptable to its Prime Minister Netanyahu or many in Israel would understand its military vulnerabilities.

However, some type of an agreement will be ultimately be confirmed in the Middle East by a European leader (Daniel 9:27), who will eventually be the King of the North of biblical prophecy (Daniel 11:27-44).

How will this come about?

The Bible is not explicitly clear about that, so the how is quite speculative (for why it is believed a peace deal will come, please see the article When Will the Great Tribulation Begin?).  It is my view, however, that neither the Israelis nor Palestinians will make a serious peace deal without both sides feeling that they are basically forced into it.  And, it may well take one or more regional conflicts/wars for that to take place, including possibly the conflict that will result in the prophesied destruction of the Syrian capital of Damascus (Isaiah 17:1).

Despite Mohamed ElBaradei’s public statements, since Bible prophecy warns about what will happen in that region (Psalm 83; Daniel 9,11) and the majority of Egyptians seem to be hostile to Israel, this shows that the situation in Egypt will change, and this will not be good for the nation of Israel.

Years ago, when was in the spotlight I wrote “But with Egypt’s Vice-President Omar Suleiman agreeing to meet with the Muslim Brotherhood, it would seem that the Muslim Brotherhood will play a role, and probably not just behind the scenes” (ElBaradei Claims Egpyt Will Honor Israel Peace Treaty, But…), and that happened.  Things will again turn more toward an Islamic confederation in Egypt.  Watch (cf. Mark 13:37).

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