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Muslim Brotherhood
الإخوان المسلمون
Al-Ikhwān Al-Muslimūn


In today’s TW News & Prophecy, LCG reported:

Revolts feed Arab identity.

Reports from the Middle East note, “There is something happening in the Arab world. A collective voice is being heard again… rarely has there been a moment when the Middle East felt so interconnected, governments so unpopular and Arabs so overwhelmingly agree on their demand for change… The Middle East is being drawn together by economic woes and a shared resentment that people have been denied dignity and respect… For the first time in a generation…a somewhat nostalgic notion of a common Arab identity… is driving protests that have bound the region in a sense of shared destiny” (Charlotte Observer, January 30, 2011).

If Islamists, such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, are able to exploit the uprisings to gain power, nations such as Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia could re-align away from the West.

While analysts speculate, Bible prophecies state that”at the time of the end” a “king of the South” (leading an Arab-Muslim confederation–Psalm 83:6-8) will attempt to counter Western (American and European) influence in the region and this will engender hostilities (Daniel 11:40-43). The frustrations sweeping the “leaderless” Arab world may soon be focused by a “strong figure” who will lead the region to its long-prophesied destiny!

Germany-Israel security agreement.

Anticipating that the Muslim Brotherhood (who would revoke Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel) might gain power in Egypt, the Israeli government recently signed a security agreement with Germany. The agreement will expand cooperation in combating crime, terrorism and violent extremism.

Meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu, Chancellor Merkel stated “We know that we are in a very stormy and unstable period, and we would like to advance stability, peace and security.” Germany’s President, Christian Wulff has also warned that Germany has a “responsibility towards the existence of Israel” and to “fight against anti-Semitism” (, February 1, 2011, November 28, 2010).

Bible prophecies indicate that Germany (Assyria) will play a pivotal role in a final revival of the Roman Empire in Europe (Daniel 2 and 7) and that, as the “king of the North,” will invade the Middle East in response to a provocation by the “king of the South” (Daniel 11:40-43).

These security agreements could pave the way for Germany’s future involvement in this region and foreshadow even more significant agreements (Daniel 9:26-27).

Germany (and the rest of the EU) wants to be a major player in the Middle East.  And Bible prophecy indicates that it will be involved in a peace plan (this is further documented in the article Can the Great Tribulation Begin in 2011, 2012, or 2013?).

Now there is a strong possibility that such a peace plan will involve pan-Arabic cooperation.  As is a reminder, here is some of what the Muslim Brotherhood wants to accomplish:

In the group’s belief, the Quran and Sunnah constitute a perfect way of life and social and political organization that God has set out for man. Islamic governments must be based on this system and eventually unified in a Caliphate. The Muslim Brotherhood’s goal, as stated by Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna was to reclaim Islam’s manifest destiny, an empire, stretching from Spain to Indonesia.  (Muslim Brotherhood, Wikipedia)

To bring enough Arab nations together, I have felt that some type of “strongman” needed to rise up. One who Arabs would tend to respect. The time may be now and the Muslim Brotherhood may play an important role. The Muslim Brotherhood is is the world’s oldest and largest Islamic political group and has been called the “world’s most influential Islamist movement” (–though some other group could emerge or form (and may have to).

We in the Living Church of God have long expected such a leader, as have many Arabs:

The supreme office of caliph, originally elective, became hereditary…Eventually…caliphs became figurehead or “puppet” leaders…Many Arabs…seek to re-create the political and theological unity of the early Islamic caliphate (The Arab World in Prophecy. Plain Truth, December 1979, pp. 9-10).

Al Qaeda named its Internet newscast, which debuted in September, ‘The Voice of the Caliphate.’…Kerem Acar, a tailor in central Istanbul {said} ‘…one day maybe my children’s children will see someone declare himself the caliph, like the pope, and have an impact’” (January 14, 2006). Indeed, a coming “Mahdi” whose arrival Muslims are expecting—in Bible prophecy known as the “King of the South” (Daniel 11:40–45)—will soon arise and have a dramatic impact on world events. This powerful Muslim religious leader will unite many of the more than one billion Muslims. He will pose a genuine threat to the coming European Empire, which will have to crush that threat in order to continue exploiting Middle Eastern oil to further its military ambitions. (Meredith RC. Prophecy Fulfilled: God’s Hand in World Affairs. LCG Booklet, 2007, pp. 16-17)

The timing seems to be right for such a leader to start rising up. The events in Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, and elsewhere seem to be setting the stage of the Arabic peoples to be willing to consider some type of confederation with a strong leader to represent them.  While events in Israel, Germany, and elsewhere suggest that one or more peace plans will ultimately be put in place.

There may be more unrest before there is peace in Egypt:

Could unrest in Egypt produce an Iranian-style regime?

CNN – Joe Sterling – 4 February 2011

(CNN) — An Iranian-style theocratic regime in turbulent Egypt would be a nightmare for Washington and a dream for Tehran…

Some analysts doubt this vision because the Muslim Brotherhood — the outlawed but popular militant Sunni Islamist opposition movement in Egypt — appears to lack the clout and widespread support to seize power at present. Experts also say the movement is less extreme than the hardline clerics who rule Iran…

Just Friday, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei praised the North African uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia and said they echo his country’s revolution…

Could there be a future autocracy in Egypt, even if it doesn’t resemble Iran’s theocratic regime?

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, the foreign affairs expert who hosts an hour-long Sunday show on world affairs, says the military seems to have made a decision to try to maintain and reconsolidate power and it will sacrifice anyone to do that, even Hosni Mubarak.

He said it could be a “very unsatisfactory outcome.”

Things in Egypt have gotten so chaotic that “Pan-Arab satellite news channel al-Jazeera said Friday its office in Cairo has been destroyed and its website was hacked” (  Chaos often precedes wars and peace deals.

Mohamed ElBaradei

One opposition leader is publicly hinting about running Egypt:

Egypt’s opposition leader says he might run for president

Los Angeles Times – Molly Hennessy-Fiske – ‎4 February 2011
Egyptian opposition activist Mohamed ElBaradei said he might run for president in future elections if asked by the people, an Austrian newspaper reported Friday.

Of course, many think that Mohamed ElBaradei came back to Egypt some time ago for just such a chance.  As a Noble prize winner and because of his IAEA work, if he survives, I believe he could be an interesting one to negotiate a future deal with the Europeans (cf. Daniel 11:27; Psalm 83).

Could Mohamed ElBaradei become the King of the South?  It is too early to tell.  He seems to be a bit more of a behind the scenes player, but that could change.  It would seem that whatever actions he will take and any actions that the government of Egypt may take against him could be factors in the rise of the King of the South.   And he, for example, could possibly be part of an interim government that will lead to the rise of the final King of the South.  For example, if he leads a more secular government and there are problems, the people of Egypt may decide to switch to a more religiously-oriented government and/or a more military-oriented government.

If protests continue to expand in the Middle East, this could trigger other events which will possibly contribute to both the King of the South and the King of the North rising up and/or gaining power.

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