CG7 Celebrates 150 Years, But Does Not Have 150 Years Left

Rebuilt Gymnasium in Sardis


CG7-Denver has published the following in its Sep-Oct 2010 Bible Advocate magazine:

Some 170 people were present in Marion, Iowa, on Sabbath, June 26, to celebrate that congregation’s  150th anniversary…The oldest active CoG7 congregation, Marion church dates to 1860 when a group of Sabbathkeeping Adventists called themselves the Church of Jesus Christ and adopted a covenant that pledged “the Bible and the Bible alone” as its rule for faith and discipline.

The article following the above one was titled “150 More Years?”

However, that article did not even attempt to really answer that question, but I will.

CG7 does not have 150 years left.

God’s six thousand year allowance for humans to rule themselves is almost over and it certainly will be over in less than 150 years.

Most of those who professed Christ in the first few centuries A.D. all believed in a six-thousand year plan followed by the millennial reign of Jesus Christ on the earth.  This was even accepted by certain Catholics leaders in the latter half of the 20th century.  And according to biblical and historical chronology, that 6,000 years is almost up.  There is less than 150 years left, and probably less than a decade.

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