UCG Writer Teaches COGs are Not Evangelical

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John D. Carnack, a member of UCG posted the following:

Why the COG is not “Evangelical”

When there was the tragic shooting and death in a congregation of LCG, some news reports said that LCG was an evangelical organization.  However, that is not true in the strictest sense.  Let us look at a definition first.

Evangelicalism is a Protestant Christian theological stream which began in Great Britain in the 1730s…

The first thing you note is that Evangelicalism is one of the three legs of Protestantism.  The COGs were never part of the Church of Rome, and, therefore, never protested against or broke away from them in the first place.  This alone distinguishes the COG from Evangelicalism.

You might also note the “born again” designation.  Most in the COG, even in UCG, do not truly believe you have completed the “born again” process until you become a spirit being.  You are literally “born” as a spirit and become a permanent member of the Family of God.  Some in UCG might quibble about details, but in effect that is what most still teach.

Another feature of Evangelicalism that distinguishes them and all other Protestants from the COG is the teaching on the trinity.  Most Evangelicals would not consider the COG as Evangelical because we do not believe in some hypostasis called God, but rather we believe that God the Father and Jesus the Son are united in love and unity as a family.

Therefore, you can only really conclude that the COGs are NOT Evangelical.  http://cogperspective.blogspot.com/2010/01/comparison-of-cog-to-evangelicals-part.html

Now LCG is definitely not evangelical in the modern sense.  We did not come out of the Protestant movement and our history predates the establishment of Rome.

Other COGs, if they are true ones, also are not Protestant.  (It probably should be pointed out that UCG documents suggest that UCG does have a position on “born again” similar to the evangelicals, however.)

Now John D. Carnack pointed out that many evangelicals do have a zeal and a certain respect for scripture, and while that is a good first step, most seem to accept many non-biblical doctrines as few evangelicals seem to understand what original Christians actually believed and taught.

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