149th Anniversary of CG7’s Magazine?

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The current edition of CG7-Denver’s Bible Advocate has the following:

August 12, 1863, was the dateline printed on the very first issue of The Hope of Israel, a publication now named the Bible Advocate. We’re planning to memorialize BA’s history as one of the oldest religious publications in America and to improve its service in the future.

Back in 1863, not only was the publication not called the Bible Advocate, and Church of God (Seventh Day) was actually called Church of God (Adventist).  Based upon my research into its early history, while it may have some actual COG members back in 1863, they seemed to be the minority until around the early 20th century.

While, as a rule, CG7 has lost certain knowledge of some doctrines (cf. Revelation 3:1-6), especially prophecy (and this loss here seems to have accelerated over the past five or so years), the current issue of the Bible Advocate does have an article by Arlo Gieselman consistent with the COG view that God will give everyone an opportunity for salvation, either now or at the second resurrection.  And while I have personally spoken to one of its former presidents (Calvin Burrell) about why he should teach this doctrine, and he is the editor of the Bible Advocate,  he did have the following disclaimer after the pro-second resurrection opportunity doctrine article:

Arlo Gieselman attends the Church of God Kansas City in Independence, MO, and conducts a ministry to truckers at nearby truck stops. Though Arlo is a good friend of the editor and of CoG7, not every idea in his Viewpoint necessarily represents positions adopted by the Church.

So, while I am glad that more in CG7 seem to understand at least parts of this doctrine, it is still not one that CG7 is fully comfortable about embracing.  Anyway, if my understanding of end time Bible prophecy is close to correct, CG7 will not have too many more years to put out its publications.

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