CG7 and 150 Years of Faithfulness?

Rebuilt Gymnasium in Sardis.

This is one of the most impressive buildings in the area of any of the seven churches of Revelation 2 & 3. However, it has been recently and massively rebuilt as its original condition was in ruin. And while it and its size are impressive, it no longer functions as it once did.


Under the banner 1858-2008 “Celebrating 150 Years of God’s Faithfulness” is an article by CG7’s (Denver) president Whaid Rose that begins with:

Every year is special in its own way, and 2008 will be remembered for special things: the 60th birthday of the new Israeli state, the year the 42nd US President was elected, and CoG7’s 150th (sesquicentennial) anniversary.

And while I believe that God has been faithful for more than 150 years, I do not believe that CG7 has been as faithful as it should have been.

On the same page as Whaid Rose’s article is a photo of a Bible and underneath it states:

“My Bible and my Bible alone.” – Gilbert Cranmer

And if CG7 would rely on that, they would be more faithful than they are.

Actually, the lack of faithfulness to the Bible was the major reason that Herbert W. Armstrong left CG7. And while CG7 is large by COG standards, biblical indications are that there are very few in it, “who have not defiled their garments” (Revelation 3:4).

Although it is still not trinitarian, some trinitarian views within CG7 appear to be tolerated. CG7 published the following on the nature of God in a question and answer format in its Jan-Feb 2002 Bible Advocate: Question, “What is your position on the Trinity?” CG7 answer,

Historically, we are a non-Trinitarian church, preferring other views of this complex subject. Some of us are comfortable with Trinitarian statements.

But if some doctrine is not true, then no one should be “comfortable” with it in a real COG.

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