China’s Beidou ‘GPS’ Operational, Plus Russia’s Glonass



China announced an important step towards increasing its power and independence:

China GPS rival Beidou starts offering navigation data
BBC – Dec 27, 2011

China’s satellite navigation system has become operational, according to an official.

Beidou now offered location, timing and navigation data to China and surrounding areas…China has been working on the system since 2000 to provide an alternative to the US government-run Global Positioning System (GPS)…

Beyond GPS, Russia operates the Glonass network. It recently launched a series of satellites to cover gaps in its system and reported earlier this month that it once again covered 100% of the Earth’s surface.

The EU is also developing its own system – Galileo. The first of its operational satellites entered orbit in October. The European Space Agency said the network should be completed in 2019.

Meanwhile, defence developer Lockheed Martin is working to upgrade the US’s system to GPS III.

The Gentile powers are rising up (Matthew 24) and satellite positioning technology is an important area in this modern age.
The USA itself is having trouble with its GPS system and despite the hoped for upgrade, it announced that it intends to link up Europe’s upcoming Galileo for part of its defense needs (see USA GPS and EU Galileo linking was expected).
It is my view that the USA agreed to rely on segments of Galileo partially because of Glonass and mainly because of Beidou.  The USA is losing its edge as the only global positioning satellite system, and is also starting to lose its technological lead.
By utilizing Galileo, the USA is making itself vulnerable from hostilities that could arise from the Europeans. This is something I warned about, prior to it happening, in my book 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect. The Europeans could, and likely will, block the USA’s ability to utilize some or all of Galileo/GPS when it needs to counter-attack Europe.

The USA is getting more vulnerable to satellite disruption while the Europeans, Chinese, and Russians are each getting less vulnerable.

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