US Cites China as Reason to Link to Galileo!


Despite the fact that many US officials originally feared Europe’s Galileo satellite-based guidance system was a threat (see US Fears of EU’s Galileo and China’s Space Military), apparently China is now considered so big of a threat that the USA intends to link its GPS system to Galileo:

US, wary of China, mulls satellite substitutes

By Jim Wolf

WASHINGTON, Feb 4 (Reuters) – The Pentagon is mulling ways to curb its reliance on its eyes and ears in space, concerned about a perceived threat to its satellites from China, a top Air Force official said Thursday...

The U.S. Defense Department is linking its Global Positioning System with Europe’s Galileo, another space-based global navigation satellite system.

This move is a major strategic blunder by the USA.  Responding to a perceived threat from China by increasing USA dependence on a European controlled guidance system will be disastrous for the USA.

This was warned about on page 85 in my book 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect:

And while many do not consider that the European Union is much of a military power that perception is likely to change in or after 2013.

Why 2013 or after?

In 2013, the Europeans are planning on having their own global positioning system (GPS), called Galileo, available for military applications.[i] This will allow the Europeans to track the world and attack others without relying on the U.S.A.’s GPS.  This will be the first time in the 21st century that Europeans will be able to have that type of independent military capability.

Furthermore, according to a 2009 report from the U.S. government, the U.S. Air Force may have to start relying on the European Galileo system (at least to a degree) beginning in 2013, as the U.S. GPS capabilities are expected to deteriorate by then [ii] (other problems are also appearing in the newer U.S. satellites[iii]). Because the Europeans will be able to control Galileo, they will also likely be capable of derailing certain sophisticated U.S. military applications.  This will give the Europeans a unique defensive (as well as offensive) capability that no others on the planet will have.

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When I wrote the above, a representative of the USAF said that the US government report was in error.  And that the USA satellite system had no defensive weaknesses.

Now it is becoming clearer that the USA will have a major problem with its GPS system as it is now also going to link it to Galileo.  By linking it to Galileo, this will allow Europeans to be able to block and/or interfere with certain US missile launches.  The consequences of this are likely to be devastating.

The Bible shows that it is a revived European, not Chinese, empire that will be the threat to the USA and its Anglo-Allies.  Yet apparently Pentagon officials do not seem to believe that this is possible.

But it is.  And it will come to pass.

The world is changing and the USA is losing dominance.

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