Russian Glonass “GPS” Almost Ready



Russia took another step towards increasing power in space:

Russian sat-nav almost complete
By Katia Moskvitch BBC – May 11, 2010Russia’s answer to the US Global Positioning System, Glonass, is nearing completion with almost all of its satellites in place… Russia now says it wants the system to work together with GPS, rather than being a direct competitor.

Glonass: Has Russia’s sat-nav system come of age?

By Katia Moskvitch 2 April 2010
With the Glonass satellite-navigation constellation nearly complete,  Russia’s plan to wean itself off the US Global Positioning System (GPS) appears to be coming to fruition…

The head of the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) said…Glonass is also vital for national security, he added, so that America does not deliberately alter or blur Russia’s GPS signal – for instance, during a military conflict.

Russia’s Glonass may still have some issues, but it is part of Russia’s plan to remain a major military power.  And unlike the USA, it seems more determined to upgrade its space systems in order to do so.

The USA is having trouble with its GPS system and is planning on linking it to Europe’s upcoming Galileo for part of its defense needs (see Brain of EU Galileo Was Shipped).  By doing so, the USA is making itself vulnerable from hostilities that could arise from the Europeans.  This is something I warned about, prior to it happening, in my book 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect.

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