Deadly Flood in the Philippines; USA’s Biblical Proportion Weather Issues

Aftermath of Typhoon Ketsana in Manila, 2009


There has been a deadly flood in the Philippines:

Philippines storm kills hundreds in Mindanao flash floods

BBC News – ‎17 December 2011

Flash floods triggered by a tropical storm in the southern Philippines have killed more than 430 people and left many more missing, officials say.

Weather-related problems can greatly disrupt many lives, and as the above shows, even loss of lives.

In its latest TW News & Prophecy, LCG has the following:

U.S. weather-related disasters of “Biblical proportions” in 2011.

“America smashed the record for billion-dollar weather disasters this year with a deadly dozen, and counting. With an almost biblical onslaught of twisters, floods, snow, drought, heat and wildfire, the U.S. in 2011 has seen more weather catastrophes that caused at least $1 billion in damage than it did in all of the 1980s, even after the dollar figures from back then are adjusted for inflation… Extreme weather in America this year has killed more than 1,000 people, according to National Weather Service Director Jack Hayes. The dozen billion-dollar disasters alone add up to $52 billion”–and 2011 is not quite over” (Associated Press, December 7, 2011).

Long ago, God said He would bless and protect Israel and its descendants if they would obey Him, but if they would not obey Him, He would remove His protection and allow devastating events to punish them (see Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28). Similar end-time prophecies are found throughout the major and minor prophets. Micah and Haggai both mention end-time famine (Micah 6:13-15; Haggai 1:10-11). John prophesied about similar famine in Revelation 6:6-8. Luke 21:25 speaks of seas and waves roaring as a “sign” of the end of the age. As weather events increase in power and frequency, God will use them to humble the rebellious Israelite-descended nations.

For more on weather and prophecy, see our booklet Who Controls the Weather?

Jesus foretold on a time of natural disasters as “the beginning of sorrows” (Matthew 24:7-8), but the Book of Revelation (16:8-11) tells of a time of even greater disturbances during “the Day of the Lord.”

The affected areas are in my prayers.

Now, ultimately of course, there is good news as ultimately, God’s kingdom will come and those issues will be gone (Revelation 7:16).

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