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European Union Tower of Babel Poster

The above poster was produced by the Europeans over a decade ago. It may be of interest to note that the above inverted stars are pentagrams, a satanic symbol. The poster tower was based upon a painting of the Tower of Babel by a European, Pieter Brueghel the Elder, in 1563 .


So does the EU plan to accept the “vote of the Irish”?

As long-time readers of this page are aware, no as that is not acceptable to the EU.  So what is the solution?

To call for the firing of the Irish representative to the EU and to meet tomorrow to deal with this:

EU Presses Ahead With Treaty Ratification Despite Irish “No”

Deutsche Welle – June 18, 2008

Ahead of a summit in Brussels, the European Union called Wednesday for the ratification process of the Lisbon Treaty to continue despite its crushing rejection by Irish voters last week.

A planned two-day European Union summit which opens on Thursday, June 19, meant to focus on weighty topics such as rising oil prices is likely to be overshadowed by the institutional crisis plaguing the bloc after Irish voters last week resoundingly rejected the Lisbon treaty…

Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa, who will act as chair for the last time as president of the European Union, insists that “not a single item has been dropped from the official agenda because of what happened in Ireland”…

On Wednesday, Schulz called for Irish EU Commissioner Charlie McCreevy to be removed from his post, accusing him of contributing to Ireland’s rejection of the Lisbon Treaty.

“Mr McCreevy, responsible for the internal market, seen as a threat by European citizens, said he had not read the Lisbon Treaty,” German Martin Schulz, told the European Parliament in Strasbourg. “How van you create confidence with this kind of behavior?” a visibly angry Schulz said.

Ireland was the only EU member that held a popular vote to approve the treaty, as required by the country’s constitution.

So far, 18 of the 27 EU parliaments have approved the treaty…,,3421749,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

The plan is to then re-word one or two points and then try to move forward.  I suspect if they would make a minor adjustment or two, the Vatican would get strong enough for its support that they treaty would be approved.

Furthermore, the EU apparently has decided that the best way to gain military advantage is to ignore the vote and have the French become more part of NATO (which will mean that the United States will have few secrets that the EU is unaware of, while the United States will not realize that the biggest “military secret” in the world is that the Europeans will destroy the USA and its English-speaking allies once it believes that it clearly has the overwhelming ability to do so):

President Sarkozy marches France back to Nato with military shake-up

The Times – June 18, 2008

Four decades after President de Gaulle broke with the Nato command President Sarkozy announced France’s return to the heart of the alliance — with conditions on EU defence that may unsettle Britain…

Mr Sarkozy insisted that he will make EU defence a priority when France takes over the rotating presidency next month, despite Ireland’s rejection of the Lisbon treaty last week. The treaty includes measures for an EU defence policy that aims to create a 60,000-strong EU force for long-distance intervention.

“Whatever happens to the Lisbon treaty, I will not change my mind,” said Mr Sarkozy, who postponed his defence review until after the Irish referendum. “I want the alliance to be more European, and how can we have a more European alliance without France?”

The President said that there was an urgent need to raise and co-ordinate Europe’s modest spending on a defence industry that is a sixth the size of that in the US. He also stipulated that France’s nuclear arsenal would remain under its national command, and French troops would be deployed under Nato command only with the approval of Paris.

The Beast is prophesied to have a powerful military that wins wars (Revelation 13:4).

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