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Last year, the Irish voted against the Lisbon treaty.  Now they are apparently in favor of a modified version of it:

EU states ask Ireland to set referendum date
Irish Times – May 19, 2009
JAMIE SMYTH in Brussels

IRELAND’S EUROPEAN partners have asked the Government to set a date for the second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty at next month’s EU leaders’ summit in Brussels.

The request was made at an EU foreign ministers meeting yesterday, where member states agreed to provide “robust” legal guarantees to try to persuade Irish voters to back the treaty.

“We understand how these guarantees are important for the Irish . . . should be robust enough to dispel the concerns of Irish citizens,” said Czech European affairs minister Stefan Fule, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the EU.

He said he thought the Government should announce the date of a second Lisbon referendum at the June council, provided the necessary guarantees were in place.

The Government wants its EU partners to sign up to texts providing legal guarantees that the Lisbon Treaty does not affect its sovereignty over tax, defence and ethical issues such as abortion and family life. It also wants them to agree to a declaration – which does not have the same legal standing as the guarantees – on the importance of workers’ rights.

Research conducted by the Government after the No vote in the first Lisbon referendum last June indicated these were the issues of primary concern to the Irish electorate. The texts of the guarantees are almost complete and will be finalised before the EU summit…

Mr Roche also welcomed yesterday’s Irish Times opinion poll which showed that 52 per cent of the public now back the Lisbon Treaty. “I’ve always been of the view when we get the guarantees completed and we resolve all the concerns that the Irish people had that we would get a positive result . . . It’s a good poll and it’s very welcome.”

Prior to the Irish vote last year, I wrote the following (see The Pope, the Irish, the English, and the Libson Treaty):

Both Bible prophecy and recent EU history suggest that the EU will still try to move forward no matter how people vote (this Treaty of Lisbon essentially replaced the EU constitution that voters in France and the Netherlands rejected a while back).  Europe is destined to become a superstate no matter how often any vote against it.

And after the election, I wrote (see UCG, PCG, & LCG on the Irish Lisbon Treaty Rejection):

The European Beast power will form. The treaty rejection simply means that some modifications will need to occur before it goes forward to fruition.

The reality is that according to Bible prophecy, a European superstate must form, hence any minor impediments (like the will of the voters) will not stop “things which must shortly come to pass” (Revelation 1:1, KJV).  Even if the Irish reject the modified treaty.

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