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Although the Irish rejection of the Lisbon Treaty has been reported here in the past (see, for example, The Pope, the Irish, the English, and the Libson Treaty and Europe Moving Forward), since the three largest COGs have reported on it since, I thought I would share some of their comments.

In the July edition of its World News & Prophecy, UCG’s John Ross Schroeder wrote:

Recently I was in the Republic of Ireland for a few days on Church business, and I never heard a good word about the Lisbon Treaty. One person in Dublin Connolly railway station was speaking against it and giving out written material advocating a “no” vote.

Several key elements of the Lisbon Treaty render it very dangerous to the sovereignty of the individual nations of the European Union. These include the creation of a full-time president, powers to develop a single European foreign policy and defense system and yet more power for the European Parliament. Much national sovereignty has already been lost over the years.

EU law says all 27 member states have to ratify the treaty. Only the Irish Republic has democratically held a referendum of its citizens. This Irish rejection happened in spite of strong verbal pressure brought by Brussels and Irish politicians on the electorate.

The pressure to reverse the Irish “no” vote has just begun. The European Union will not give up this constitution cum treaty that easily…

Where is Europe headed?

Former French President Jacques Chirac proclaimed his stunning vision of Europe back in 2002. It included: (1) A European military force independent of NATO; (2) a European police force; (3) a greatly strengthened Franco-German combine; (4) a new European constitution; (5) a strengthened European president elected by a European council (The Times, June 17, 2002).

Elections occur and presidents change, but Frances’ policies toward the European Union clearly remain relatively the same. Does it matter whether Mr. Sarkozy, Mr. Chirac or someone else occupies the chief office? Regardless of personalities or political leanings to the left or right, the domination of Europe by a single voice is the ultimate goal.

Political, economic and military national sovereignties would be lost. This generally accords with the broad biblical vision given in the books of Daniel and Revelation.

On its website, PCG’s Andrew Miller wrote:

The European Union is in another crisis. On Thursday, June 12, Irish voters went to the polls and rejected the Lisbon Treaty by a margin of 15 percent or more. Since the Lisbon Treaty has to be ratified by all 27 member nations of the EU, Ireland’s rejection threatens to derail the project. As the Washington Post reports, “The victory for the ‘No’ camp means a country with fewer than 1 percent of the EU’s 490 million population could wreck a treaty painstakingly negotiated over years by leaders of all 27 member states.”

What is most disappointing to pro-integration European leaders is that this is the second time that their attempts at creating a European Union constitution have been delayed. After France and the Netherlands rejected the 2005 version of the European Constitution in national referendums, EU leaders determined to revise the treaty and run it again. After removing some of the more nationalistic language from the old constitution draft—in particular the parts about an EU flag and an EU national anthem—these leaders renamed the constitution the Lisbon Treaty and again submitted it to the member states for ratification. This time it was ratified by 16 nations before the Irish rejected it. Interestingly, Ireland was the only nation to submit the treaty to referendum.

While many analysts say this Irish rejection may be the beginning of the end for the concept of a united Europe, this rejection is much more likely the end of the beginning…

The fact is that the EU has already become too big and unwieldy to manage under its current government system. It needs to be streamlined and it needs one nation to step up as the primary decision maker. This political crisis may be just what it takes to get the process of true European unification started.

In its latest weekly update, LCG’s Don Davis & Scott Winnail wrote:

Did the Irish Open a Flood Gate? Ireland’s recent rejection of the Lisbon Treaty was heralded by some as “bad omen” for Europe. This week, German president Koehler did not sign the treaty—even after both houses of parliament passed the treaty. President Koehler noted that the treaty may infringe on democracy and the rights of national parliaments (Deutsche Welle, July 1, 2008). Following Germany’s lead, Poland’s President Kaczynski also refused to sign the Lisbon Treaty, noting that it would be pointless to sign a treaty until the Irish changed their position—“without pressure from the EU.” Meanwhile, French President Sarkozy began his six-month term as EU leader this week, facing and fostering division among EU ranks. In a TV broadcast on Monday, Mr. Sarkozy attacked the EU Trade Commissioner, accusing him of being too generous with farming concessions and eliciting the response, “At a difficult time in world trade negotiations, the EU needs to maintain its unity” (Deutsche Welle, July 1, 2008). Bible prophecy speaks of an end-time Beast power in Europe that will be fraught with division—iron mixed with clay (Daniel 2:33-34). The inherent differences between EU nations are leading toward “europaralysis”—which could provoke other events.

The European Beast power will form. The treaty rejection simply means that some modifications will need to occur before it goes forward to fruition.

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