ICG Reports on Lisbon Treaty Ramifications for Europe

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In his update last night, ICG’s Mark Armstrong reported the following about the news of the week:

The biggest news of all from a prophetic standpoint is the fact that the so-called Lisbon treaty for the European Union has now cleared the last roadblocks and been ratified.  From this day forward Europeans of every nationality and culture are citizens of the EU.  No national government in Europe any longer has the legal ability to challenge or opt out of any law or action taken by the new supranational European State.

They’re still calling it the European Union, as the name has long been recognized and accepted.  But, now that the Lisbon treaty has (by hook or crook) been “legally” ratified, as of November 3, 2009 the world has entered a completely new era in Europe’s history.

Consider the following points on this development compiled by Prof. Anthony Coughian, and published by The Brussels Journal.

1. It establishes a legally new European Union the constitutional form of a supranational European State.

2. It empowers this new European Union to act as a State vis-à-vis other States and its own citizens.

3. It makes all Europeans citizens of this new European Union.

4. To hide the enormity of the change, the same name—European Union—will be kept while the Lisbon Treaty changes fundamentally the legal and constitutional nature of the Union.

5. It creates a Union Parliament for the Union’s new citizens.

6. It creates a Cabinet Government of the new Union.

7. It creates a new Union political President.

8. It creates a civil rights code for the new Union’s citizens.

9. It makes national Parliaments subordinate to the new Union.

10. It gives the new Union self-empowerment powers.

…This development represents the culmination of so many things that my Dad, and his Dad pointed out that were leading to this over the decades.  They always believed and taught that, in order for Europe to fulfil the role suggested by Bible prophecy, it would ultimately have to merge into a single economic, political, and ultimately militaristic entity.  From our standpoint, this news is absolutely huge, and has enormous implications for the entire world.  But, at least so far, there has been little if any notice paid by the mainstream media.

For all intents and purposes, national sovereignty no longer exists anywhere in Europe.  It has all been rendered legally obsolete by the emergence of a new European State.

It should be pointed out that the EU does not yet run like the above indicates.  However, this certainly is the direction that the EU is heading towards.

Herbert W. Armstrong predicted a coming European supranational state at the end of WWII.  Dr. R.C. Meredith of the Living Church of God worked for Herbert W. Armstrong from the early 1950s until Herbert W. Armstrong died in 1986.  Dr. Meredith has been teaching that a European supranational state would come for nearly 60 years himself.

And as regular readers of this page are aware, I have believed and taught this for over three decades myself.  Prophetic events are lining up.

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