Czech President Signs Lisbon Treaty: Search for EU President Begins

Vaclav Klaus


The EU took a major step to becoming its own entity when Vaclav Klaus signed the Lisbon Treaty on behalf of the Czech Republic today:

EU to call extra summit on top jobs
DPA – Nov 3, 2009
Brussels – The European Union is to call an extraordinary summit in the coming days to discuss who should be the bloc’s first-ever president, the EU’s Swedish presidency said Tuesday after the Czech president signed the reforming Lisbon Treaty…
“I am very pleased that President Klaus today signed the Lisbon Treaty,” Reinfeldt said.

The European Beast power is forming right now, and many simply do not see it.

And while I do not believe that whoever is about to become the President of the EU (which many believe originally seemed to have the UK’s Tony Blair as the front-runner) will be the final King of the North, the stage is being set for the rise of that Beast.

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