Germany is Europe’s Leader

Herman Van Rompuy


It is getting clear to more and more that Germany is taking the lead in Europe:

Spiegel – Oct 31, 1011
Last Wednesday’s summit in Brussels took important steps toward saving the European common currency. But it also made it clear that the European Union is being divided in two. Germany is the new Europe’s leader — for better or worse.
European Council President Herman Van Rompuy could no longer avoid the embarrassing and unpleasant task of throwing out 10 people…They were all proud people, the sort who usually do the throwing out themselves: national leaders like British Prime Minister David Cameron and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk — all from the 10 countries that are part of the European Union but don’t use the euro.,1518,795059,00.html

For many decades, we in the Living Church of God have taught that Germany would lead a coming European Beast power.  And while Europe still has problems, and scripturally always will (cf. Daniel 2:40-43).

We have also taught that the United Kingdom should realize that it will be on the outs with the Europeans and that they would ultimately takeover and control Britain.  What recently happened is simply another step in that direction.

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