UK’s Cameron: London no longer has much in common with Europe

David Cameron


LCG’s latest TW News & Prophecy has the following:

Britain appears to be moving away from the EU. The British now realize that their sovereignty is more important than political union with Europe. UK opinion polls show that almost “50 percent of Britons say that they would vote for a withdrawal from the EU in a referendum” (Der Spiegel, October 15, 2012). Prime Minister David Cameron has also sent the message that “the government in London no longer has much in common with Europe” (ibid.). The UK is planning to “withdraw from a Europe-wide system of cooperation among judicial and police authorities. The decision affects more than 130 regulations, which also include the European arrest warrant” (ibid.).The new British attitude is causing Germany to rethink the European dream. “Great Britain is turning away from the EU and the German government is allowing it to do so” (ibid.). Last year the British blocked creation of a German-led EU military headquarters and, “Now the plan is to be revived and implemented, even against London’s resistance” (ibid.). The EU is preparing for a stronger political union which may “only be achievable without Great Britain” (ibid.).

God prophesied that Ephraim (Britain) would “[mix] himself among the peoples” and would not notice when foreigners “have devoured his strength” (Hosea 7:8-9). This is what happened when Britain signed the Lisbon Treaty and gave up much of its sovereignty. Like a “silly dove, without sense” they made an alliance with “Assyria” (Germany), and God is now bringing them low for rejecting Him (Hosea 7:11-16).

Britain’s lack of commitment to the EU is increasingly evident. Now a frustrated Germany is preparing for a Europe with or without Britain. Based on Bible prophecies, the Church of God has for years foreseen a British exit from the EU.

Although the time will likely come when the UK go to try to make a deal with Germany (Hosea 7:11-12; Hosea 8:8-9), right now it looks like the UK is giving Germany a notice and the Germans are not that interested in Britain.  And the reality is that the EU simply will not work out well for the UK.

Earlier this year, UK Prime Minister David Cameron emphasized how Britain will be separated from a eurozone superstate and that he would protect the UK from it (Telegraph: “Britain Must Go Its Separate Way” from a European Superstate).

The UK will ultimately find that the EU is a beast that will do them in. Yet, relying on the USA, instead of God, will not work for the UK or any of its other Anglo-ally nations, even though that is what all of them still seem to think.

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