UK Slammed for EU Stance and its Army is at a Historical Low

David Cameron


A German leader called for the UK to stop “fence sitting” in regards to the EU:

9 July 2012

(Reuters) – Germany’s ambassador to Britain, Georg Boomgaarden, took a swipe at Britain’s attitude to the European Union on Monday, saying its politicians should stop ‘fence-sitting’ and clarify its future in the 27-nation bloc.

“We want Britain to be a strong and committed full member of the EU and not sitting on the fence,” Boomgaarden said at a seminar on Germany’s economy organized by news provider Bloomberg in London.

Prime Minister David Cameron faces increasing pressure from right-wing rebels in his Conservative Party to let Britons vote on whether they want Britain to remain in the EU, which is struggling to contain a three-year-old debt crisis.

Although the time will likely come when the UK go to try to make a deal with Germany (Hosea 7:11-12; Hosea 8:8-9), right now it looks like Germany is giving the UK a warning.  And the reality is that the EU simply will not work out well for the UK.

Last month, UK Prime Minister David Cameron emphasized how Britain will be separated from a eurozone superstate and that he would protect the UK from it (Telegraph: “Britain Must Go Its Separate Way” from a European Superstate).

Yet, I just received an email about a news item from a few days ago that was interesting:

Britain to have smallest Army since Napoleonic Wars
July 5, 2012
British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond confirmed in a statement to parliament today that the British Army will be slashed by 20,000 troops over the next decade as part of a new strategic plan called Army 2020. Nearly one-fifth of standing forces will be relieved of their duties as 17 major units are culled and many others shrunk in the effort to limit the army’s force numbers to 82,000, its lowest level since the Napoleonic Wars.

The UK is no longer a major military superpower.  It has some strength, but relative to the other big players, not much.

The UK will ultimately find that the EU is a beast that will do them in.  Yet, relying on the USA, instead of God, will not work for the UK or any of its other Anglo-allies.

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