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In its latest TW News & Prophecy E-zine, the Living Church of God reported the following::

Germany’s Rising Star.

A recent Wall Street Journal article observed, “Germany is sitting on top of the world. But the rest of the world thinks it’s getting too comfortable up there… What is Germany’s place in the world?” John Kornblum, former U.S. ambassador to Berlin recently asked the question: “Germany is rising in a Europe that’s coming apart at the seams… How is this country–the only major economy in Europe that can keep up with globalization–going to fit into this Europe?”According to the article, “Germany’s traditional allies even fret that the country is losing interest in Europe and the West. After all, when you’ve carved out a lucrative niche selling precision machinery and luxury cars to fast-growing emerging economies such as China, who needs stodgy old Europe?” Critics are also asking “whether Germany is becoming an unpredictable country and an awkward partner.” At the same time, German leaders reassure the West that they are very much a part of it (Wall Street Journal, June 27, 2011).

While many wonder where Germany is headed, Bible prophecy notes a powerful Germany at the end of the age–it will become a tool that God uses to humble the Israelite-descended nations (Isaiah 10:5-11). The Bible indicates this nation will lead the final European Beast power (see Revelation 17). Ultimately, Germany will be a leading nation for peace in God’s Kingdom (Isaiah 19:23-25). Events are now taking place in Europe that will propel Germany forward on the world stage–an exciting series of events to watch. For more information on this fascinating topic, read or request our reprint article, “Resurgent Germany: A Fourth Reich?

We in the Living Church of God have long taught that Germany (Assyria in end time prophecy) would be the driving force in the end-time European Beast power as well as having a future role in God’s kingdom.

Increasing German wealth means increasing German influence.  But this will ultimately not be good for the Anglo-nations descended from Israel (cf. Isaiah 10:5-11), even though apparently the UK and/or Canada/Australia/New Zealand (Ephraim in end time prophecy) will try to turn towards Germany:

1 “Ephraim also is like a silly dove, without sense–They call to Egypt, They go to Assyria. 12 Wherever they go, I will spread My net on them; I will bring them down like birds of the air;
I will chastise them According to what their congregation has heard (Hosea 7:11-12).

8 Israel is swallowed up; Now they are among the Gentiles
Like a vessel in which is no pleasure. 9 For they have gone up to Assyria, Like a wild donkey alone by itself; Ephraim has hired lovers (Hosea 8:8-9).

1 Ephraim feeds on the wind, And pursues the east wind; He daily increases lies and desolation. Also they make a covenant with the Assyrians, And oil is carried to Egypt (
Hosea 12:1)

But notice, that the Bible considers this to be senseless.  Notice one reason:

5 “Woe to Assyria, the rod of My anger
And the staff in whose hand is My indignation.
6 I will send him against an ungodly nation,
And against the people of My wrath
I will give him charge,
To seize the spoil, to take the prey,
And to tread them down like the mire of the streets.
7 Yet he does not mean so,
Nor does his heart think so;
But it is in his heart to destroy,
And cut off not a few nations. (Isaiah 10:5-7)

Notice that even though Assyria (modern Germany) does not think it means to, it is in the national character to destroy and cut off nations.  And this will happen.  Germany is getting the wealth and influence that ultimately will allow it to fulfill that prophecy.

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