ICG: Germany’s Rising in Europe

Angela Merkel


In today’s newsletter, ICG’s Mark Armstrong reported the following about Germany’s growing influence in Europe:

Based upon the historical record and what we’ve expected in prophetic terms, it seemed unlikely that Germany would be dragged down to the weakened condition that now afflicts much of the rest of Europe. And sure enough, as the excerpts below illustrate Germany has managed to avoid some of the worst economic mistakes committed by its EU partners. Further, as segments quoted from the Economist illustrate, Germany has been unwilling to underwrite bailouts on a scale that would undermine its own economic stability.

This leads to a very interesting dynamic now, where Europe needs Germany’s stability and leadership but also “fears its pre-eminence” as the Economist so aptly put it, for obvious historical reasons…

Few probably missed the shocking statement that Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel made recently, “Multiculturalism has been an absolute failure.” And that statement comes alongside recent survey results showing that one third of Germans believe their country is “overrun by foreigners” and a majority would like to see Muslim religious practice “sharply restricted.”

These sentiments are a far cry from the ideology that created the messy immigrant situation in Europe, and a further cry from anything that would be regarded as acceptable in our current climate here in the U.S. But here’s where it gets dicey. According to a recent survey some thirteen percent of Germans would “welcome a Fuehrer who would govern with ‘a strong hand’. “ While the other nations of Europe need Germany’s leadership and help, it’s no wonder they worry about attitudes that recent surveys reveal are rapidly gaining popularity there. Germany’s consolidated economic and political strength combined with growing public disgust over the behavior of the immigrant population is more than enough to fuel speculation, given Germany’s history.

The reality is that because of its high rate of productivity and willingness to often fund the EU, German influence is rising.  And that is consistent with biblical prophecy.

Events for many end time prophecies to be fulfilled are lining up.

The final European beast power is in the process of re-emerging and it will have many indications of its German connections.

The time for the final European leader, known as the King of the North, to emerge is getting closer.  Germany will support such a leader, and perhaps even provide the top leader for the job.  Its rise in Europe will increase its influence there.

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