Hillary Clinton Confirms Special Relationship Between the USA and the UK

Hillary Rodham Clinton


Although there were some recent strains between the special relationship between the USA and the UK since the Obama administration came to power, the US Secretary of State says that relationship still exists:

U.S. and U.K. Say ‘Special Relationship’ Is Still Going Strong

By Mary Beth Sheridan and Karla Adam

Washington Post Staff Writers
Monday, October 12, 2009

LONDON, Oct. 11  Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton came to Britain over the weekend with a message about the two countries’ alliance: It is special. Very special.

“It’s a special relationship,” Clinton said before meeting Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Sunday. “I have a special personal relationship with the prime minister. And of course, I think it can’t be said often enough, we have a special relationship between our countries.”

Earlier in the day, she thanked Foreign Secretary David Miliband for “the opportunity to reaffirm the historic importance of the special relationship.”

The Times of London rushed the big story to the top of its Web site: “Hillary Clinton Hails Special Relationship.”…

A senior State Department official traveling with Clinton told reporters, “There’s not a country in the world with which we have such regular and deep conversations on foreign policy.” Just days ago, he noted, Obama had a lengthy videoconference with Brown. And the U.S. president did meet with Brown in New York, he said. (Although the British press said the encounter took place in the U.N. kitchen.)

The term “special relationship” was coined by Winston Churchill to refer to the cooperation between the allies. But over the years, British politicians have sometimes whipped themselves into a frenzy over perceived fluctuations in their country’s ties to its former colony.

Focus on the relationship has been particularly intense since President Obama came to office. Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton had extremely warm relations with Brown’s predecessor, Tony Blair.  http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/10/11/AR2009101101673.html

This relationship will likely be strained, get much closer, and eventually essentially dissolve, but Bible prophecy ties the destiny of these nations (along with Canada, New Zealand, and Australia) to a great degree.

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